4 Ways To Light Up Your Garden With LED’s

As the summer months draw nearer, many people’s attention will turn to the state of their garden. Providing the perfect setting to socialise, relax and host your summer memories, you will want your garden looking as delightful and inviting as possible.

As the nights get warmer, you will unsurprisingly want to spend more time admiring your garden.  As the sun sets across the horizon, there’s no need to move indoors as homeowners open their minds to a whole new realm of possibilities with the help of LED’s.


Cost-effective, flexible and boundless, LED’s are fast becoming the most popular way to light up and enhance the look and function of your garden. With a whole line of products available, attaining the advice and guidance of a reputable LED supplier will allow you to see the benefits for yourself.

With so many uses, colours and effects available to transform your garden, knowing what to do with each product can be a daunting prospect. Have no fear; check out our design ideas below!LED-lights-rooftop-garden

Photo © Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

#1 – Light Up Your Pathways

Why not highlight your quaint pathway or paving stones with LED’s to really emphasise the design of your garden. As simple as aligning with current paving stone, you can weave your design around your walkways, illuminating the way and allowing people to explore your garden.

#2 – Flood Lights

No one wants to be left sitting in the dark. Exterior LED flood lights draw at least 80% less power than standard flood lights and bulkhead lights and with a life equal to at least 35 Halogen tubes, meaning replacing the bulb will be a thing of the past. Allowing you to save energy as well as proficiently light up your garden, many LED flood lights are available in 10, 30 and 50 watts.

#3 – Flexible Fibre Optics & LED Tape

Many people are discovering the benefits of using fibre optics to illuminate their garden, more specifically their decking. A flexible and highly inexpensive investment, you can run fibre optics on as little as £9 a year, allowing you to light up your garden all year round.

Fibre optics and LED Tape can be controlled by you creating seamless colour changes at whatever speed you desire, allowing you to create an exterior lighting design that is unique to your garden.


Photo ©  LuAnn Development, Inc.

#4 – Set The Mood Colour-changing

The real beauty of LED’s however, is their ability to capture the mood, whatever the occasion. Some LED lighting systems, such as LED Tape are capable of creating over 2 million colours which you can control. Fitted with sophisticated RGB colour-changing technology, you can choose from a single colour, to interspersing colours, to colours of your choice. Lighting has never been limitless!

The benefits are there for all to see. LED’s offer an affordable, long-lasting and hardwearing solution to garden lighting design and it’s no surprise that demand is high. With expert guidance from some a specialist LED supplier and installer, you can have a garden that is as beautiful and inviting as it is practical.

With garden design an ever-changing concept, Phil Warrington offers his expert guidance on how LED’s can be used to enhance your garden. He recommend Litewave; a distinguished and recognised LED supplier who stock a whole host of LED products, such as LED Tape & LED Down lights, that won’t fail to transform your garden.


Photo © Tim Turner Photography; C.O.S Design


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