5 Benefits To A Portable Sauna

Saunas have become a popular amenity in various places such as fitness centers, healthcare facilities, and spas, just to mention a few. The increased demand that people have for them has led developers to design portable saunas which a lot of people have purchased and are now using at home.

Portable saunas run on infrared technology. They heat differently compared to traditional saunas but the experience you get is the same for both.

That being said, here are 5 benefits of having a portable sauna:

1. It Is Lightweight

Portable saunas are extremely lightweight owing to the fact that they are made of light plastic material. Most of them have a tent-like shape that can be folded and carried around. They are also less bulky owing to their small manageable size. You can fit them in your home or car when traveling and they won’t take up a lot of space.

2. Easy Setup

Traditional saunas are fixed in one location. Portable saunas, on the other hand, can be carried anywhere. Not only that, but they are easy to set up and start using. No tools are needed when setting them up.

If you already have it set up in your home and would like to use it someplace else, you can easily dismantle it, pack it up, move it to the place you’d want to use it, quickly set it up and enjoy using it. The setup process is so easy, anyone can do it.

3. Extremely Comfortable

Comfort is one of the elements that everyone is looking for when they step into a sauna. Portable saunas meet this need for comfort. Most of these saunas come with a chair that you can sit in when enjoying a steam session.

Some saunas have holes where you can fit your head and hands. Some also have pockets fitted on the outside where you can safely place your gadgets such as your mobile phone.

4. Different Infrared Levels

As mentioned earlier, portable saunas use infrared technology which is set up at three different levels; the near, middle, and far-level. These levels are the infrared wavelength sizes and they measure the intensity of treatment that users experience from them.

For people with wounds that need healing, the near-infrared level will work best. It also helps to increase immune function. For people who need muscle relaxation and a boost of blood circulation, the middle infrared level will work best. For people who need to detoxify their systems, the far-infrared level will serve that need.

5. Very Cheap To Purchase

Portable saunas are quite cheap to purchase and own. Compare this to installing a permanent sauna in your home which is quite costly or visiting the spa on a regular basis just to get that steam experience for which you have to pay a recurring fee.

A portable sauna is a cheaper option to go for. You get to have the same experience as that of a traditional sauna, but this time, you own the sauna.


Now that you know the benefits of a portable sauna, the next step is to get one for yourself. Here are some portable options you can choose from.


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