5 Best Softwares for Managing Construction Projects for Home Builders

Construction Project Management is the branch of project management that focuses on certain types of construction projects. Residential, institutional,  commercial, industrial, & major environmental and civil constructions are among the developments.

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The project manager develops goals and strategies for the task team to follow while maintaining all the stakeholders are informed. Construction project management technologies and methods have a lot in common with project management in many other sectors. Construction companies, for example, must meet a schedule while keeping under budget and meeting quality requirements.

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Select the best Construction Management Software –


Freshbooks is the cloud-based, all-in-one program designed exclusively for contractors. It is the best accounting software for general contractors. This is a productivity tool that lets contractors run their businesses from everywhere, at any time. The contractor & their crew may keep track of, monitor, & measure the progress of a construction site. An application as well as an online dashboard are also available. Freshbooks was chosen as the best complete project management software since it is simple to use, has a lot of helpful features, and also has a lot of favorable customer feedback. Builders, demolition & excavation firms like alliedbeandemolition.com, home renovation firms, general contractors, cleanup firms, automobile firms, and others utilize it.

The following are some of JobProgress’ features:

  • Job & workflow project management that is tailored to your needs
  • Customer connection manager with a keen sense of humour
  • Tools for sales, branding, & marketing
  • Estimates and proposals that are automatically generated and tracked
  • Staff & production calendars are among the scheduling options available.
  • Cloud storage that is safe
  • Collaboration skills with employees & subcontractors
  • Reports & virtual signatures are among the instruments for business appraisal and accounting.
  • Customers praise the company’s easy-to-use UI and outstanding customer service.
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Procore is the cloud-based construction management software that was created in 2003 in California. It will have around 1.4 million users by 2020. It was created to assist every builder but every budget by providing a very simple platform where you can organize all of your projects, finances, and resources in one location. Contractors, owners, suppliers, and government organizations all utilize it. For its only certain platform specialized to the construction sector, its variety of capabilities, and good client ratings, we picked Procore as the runner-up.

The following are some of Procore’s features:

  • Tools for project management, such as a field development tool
  • Protocols for safety and quality
  • Reports and operational and finance tools
  • Employees may communicate in real time.
  • Mobility groups which allow members of the team to see the work from the same point of view regardless when they are on the move.
  • Capital planning & bid management
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Contractors Software Group

Contractors Software Group was formed in 1984 as a distributor of construction software for commercial, residential, & industrial projects. In 1996, it started making software for home and light commercial buildings. Remodelers, roofing, general contractors, landscaping, siding, & house builders may all benefit from its software. It caters to the particular demands of each industry and is perfect for small tasks and enterprises. Contractors Software Group was chosen as the best option for small tasks because it has niches & therefore is modular, allowing you to buy only the capabilities you need without paying for extras that are best suited for larger works.

The following are some of the features:

  • Manager of the project
  • The time card application is one of the many web apps available.
  • Tools for estimating
  • Accounting for job costs
  • Portal for builders
  • Tax forms & laser checks
  • Technical assistance and training
  • CRM system that is integrated


When the owner of CoConstruct contracted a builder in 2005, he had a very tumultuous experience that he created the company to help customers avoid having the very same experience. It comes with an app for usage on the move, as well as capabilities for creating estimates, bids, & managing teams of workers. It was chosen as the best for house builders because it was designed particularly for builders & contains features like pre-construction capabilities, customizations, branding, & punch checklists, as well as the ability to interface with QuickBooks.

The following are some of CoConstruct’s features:

  • Leads, CRM, & templates for pre-construction
  • Catalogue of prices, specifications, and options
  • Work with the field and the office to coordinate schedules.
  • Lists of things to accomplish
  • Lists of defects and warranties
  • Upload and share files and pictures
  • Streamline the bidding process and keep tabs on the job site’s development.


Bluebeam is a software business based in Pasadena, California, that was formed in 2002. It has approximately 1.9 million users and works with engineering and building experts all around the world, including design companies, architects, & specialized contractors. Bluebeam is also used by AECOM, including some of the world’s leading design & engineering organizations. The company’s objective is to assist you in completing projects on time and on budget. Revu & Revu for iPad are the two software versions available. We picked it as the best option for larger businesses since it serves numerous major businesses and knows which features to offer. It may also be utilized by groups of individuals on the go.

The following are some of Bluebeam’s features:

  • Management of documents and drawings
  • Review of submissions
  • Handover of the project
  • Process of Punching
  • Review of the design
  • Tools for smart markup & visualization


ezNova Technologies LLC is the creator of ezClocker, a simple and easy to use construction time clock and scheduling software. Ideal for construction companies with crew members who work at different job sites. Each employee can use their own phone to clock in/out and a GPS location is captured so the employer can verify the worker was at the correct location. 

If you would like to use one device where all employees clock in from then you can use the ezClocker kiosk app built for tablets. The kiosk app allows you to convert your tablet into a portable clock-in device. Other features ezClocker offers is the jobs list feature where it allows you to assign jobs to employees so when they clock in they can pick the job they are working on which helps with labor job costing.

The following are some of ezClocker’s features:

  • Clock in/out GPS location.
  • Online scheduling.
  • Prevent employees from clocking in early.
  • Support for labor job costing.
  • Overtime calculations.
  • Employee clock in/out notifications.
  • Block employees from clocking in without GPS turned on.
  • Kiosk app that will turn your tablet into a portable time clock.
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In Eight

InEight is a wide reaching company that operates in over 55 countries around the world. Using an approach to construction management and communication through innovative technology, they offer solutions to everything from planning to assessing risks to just about every other aspect of running a construction project. Their objective is to help users plan, manage, and execute a project while helping them save money in the long run. They specialize in detailed, feature-loaded contract management software that can be useful across a wide variety of construction projects.

The following are some of In Eight’s features:

  • Eliminate errors throughout the contract process
  • Monitor responsibilities across the entire project
  • Visibility of the project status
  • Fast contract generation
  • Fast contract tracking
  • Efficiency monitoring


The use of construction management software and technologies helps construction project management. The program aids in the automation of administrative duties, the simplification of estimating and billing, as well as the facilitation of planning & scheduling. It organizes workloads, organizes document management, and encourages real-time collaboration and problem-solving. Here’s a selection of the construction project management software which has these characteristics.


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