5 Best Types of Blankets for a Good Night Sleep

If you are having a little trouble falling asleep at night or imagine that your bed space could be cozier, you may want to consider a new blanket. A new blanket can change your entire comfort level, literally overnight. Below, we have described the numerous styles of blankets that are now available on the market for insomniacs and Hedonists alike.

#1: Wool Blankets

You may remember your grandmother covering you up with a wool afghan when you fell asleep on the couch. Although wool is a sturdy and warm blanket material that is ideally suited for the wintertime, wool blankets can shed like dogs. If you have allergies, this can be another determining factor of whether wool works for you.

Wool blankets are nice to pull out on very cold days but can be scratchy. Purchasing a Merino wool blanket is a much better choice. Merino wool is known for its ability to wick away moisture and cool in the summer and insulate in the winter. Merino wool also has a softer and denser consistency like cotton. This results in a softer feel and reduced chances of shedding and allergic reactions.

#2: Cotton Blankets

Cotton blankets are just what the doctor ordered to snuggle up in on those warm summer nights. A cotton blanket is usually a light knit blanket that can feel extra cozy if you wash it in fabric softener and dry it with a dryer sheet. People love cotton blankets because they are light, carefree, easy to wash, and easy to store away when you don’t need them.

Cotton blankets come in a variety of colors and knit patterns but can shrink and deteriorate over time. They are known for becoming raggedy over time from being washed excessively. Cotton blankets are usually quite breathable.

#3: Fleece Blankets

Fleece blankets can be warm and snuggly. A fleece blanket may not be that heavy to keep you warm in the winter. However, if you keep yourself curled up in it, you can maintain an ideal body temperature in any weather. Fleece blankets often come in a variety of colors and prints. Although they are not as cozy as a heavier quilt, they can be layered under a quilt for added warmth.

Fleece blankets are often made of a polyester mix that can create a lot of fuzz when it sheds. In addition, cheap fleece blankets don’t have that velvety coziness of a luxurious velvet blanket. Always ensure that you are buying a velvet plush blanket rather than a low-grade plastic fleece. The quality difference is night and day. And the real velvet blankets will have a heavier weight and softer texture.

#4: Weighted Blankets

A weighted blanket is one of the latest trends to take off. People who buy weighted blankets often suffer from insomnia or other sleep disorders. The weighted blanket is known to induce a calming effect that helps sleepers to feel snuggled and comforted.

Because these blankets are sturdy, they will hold up to years of wear and outlast those flimsy blankets made of cotton and fleece. But if you miss the warmth of the fleece or cotton, you can purchase a design that has fleece on one side and cotton on the other for either a cooling or warming effect.

It is suggested that people who buy weighted blankets pick up a weight that is one-twentieth of their natural body weight for maximum comfort. Of course, it may be better to try out different weights to see which weight works best for you. Weighted blankets are even used to calm down hyperactive children who suffer from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

#5: Polyester-Filled Quilts

These large decorative bedspreads are often part of an entire bed set. They may come with pillow covers and sheets or match a separate set manufactured by the same company. While they produce a nice heavy layer of resistance against heat loss, some synthetic fiber styles can feel uncomfortable directly against the skin.

As a result, they are often the final decorative layer of a bed ensemble. Most people layer sheets with cotton or fleece blankets and then finish the package with a knitted quilt cover for decorative value and additional heat insulation.


Choosing the right blanket for your slumber needs may be a question of taste and season. Buying a variety of blankets for different occasions ensures the maximum level of comfort. Since blankets are often layered up to conserve heat energy in the winter, investing in a few heavy blankets pays for itself.


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