5 commercial uses of the Barcelona style sofa


The Barcelona style sofa has a very commercial outlook. It can look great in a residential setting, but it’s versatile enough to be able to lift up a commercial style ambiance as well. There are many settings that can be achieved within this genre, and further, we’ll be elaborating on 5 of them to help inspire you:

  1. Hotel lobbies and receptions


Large hotel lobbies and reception areas always need to feature sitting spaces that are both comfortable and elegant in aesthetics. This is why the Barcelona style sofa would be a great addition to such spaces. The large seating capacity of this sofa coupled with its sophisticated looks is the perfect way to create an officious yet relaxing ambiance within the commercial boundaries of such spaces. You can even complement them with contrasting furniture as featured in this image.

  1. Mixed used building corridors


Large mixed used buildings with their empty corridors are a stigma in architecture and interior design, and need to be furnished in a way that makes them useful. Creating small seating spaces within their large bounds is a helpful and functional way to make the most of them. You can use the Barcelona style sofa to make a useful sitting arrangement here. It’s compact but stylish – the perfect way to complement an empty space with trendiness.

  1. Conference halls


Large convention and conference halls may not be the most obvious commercial placement ideas for the Barcelona style sofa, but you can certainly articulate this idea. The arrangement featured in this image is definitely a great execution of such an idea. Located in the halls of the Gardens by the Bay, the Barcelona style sofa feels like a very posh arrangement in the large expanse of the hall.

  1. Outdoor arrangements


Outdoor arrangements may not be the likeliest place to feature something as posh as the Barcelona style sofa, but the contrast actually tends to look gorgeous. You can set it up in a verandah, an outdoor restaurant, at the bounds of a Zen garden, and even an outdoor patio. Its sleek sophistication would provide an excellent contrast to the beauty of the nature and look pretty brilliant on a whole.

  1. Office seating

The Barcelona style sofa has a very officious look that can suit corporate office environments really well. It also has that stately, expensive, and sophisticated aura that can make a space feel ready for a business deal. So, you can set up an arrangement of these sofas in your offices as well to create a small nook where you entertain and close business deals. The brown, white, and black sofas in this image are a pretty great example of how to carry out such an arrangement with a lot of visual diversity, elegance, and panache.

So, these are the commercial uses of the Barcelona style sofa. You can also create alternate set-ups and think out of the box, but we hope that these 5 ideas can help you break the ice in this genre.


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