5 Contemporary White Dressing Tables to Get Ready For Your Day

What would be like having your own stylist salon with everything you need at your fingertips? A dressing table can turn this dream into reality if you know how to make this space work for you. This piece of furniture is an object specially dedicated to women’s beauty, where they feel pampered and where femininity is the main element. Usually located in the master bedroom or dressing-room, the dressing table helps you get ready faster in the morning, to makeup quickly and feel great while doing all these things. Make-up is important for all women, but in most of the time, for various reasons, it is done at the bathroom mirror occupying the bathroom and siting in an uncomfortable position looking for the best light for your makeup.


Who doesn’t like the idea of a  space dedicated to pampering yourself a little bit? The answer lies in the great interest that women were always showing for dressing tables, although they live in big houses with many rooms or in apartments where space is limited. A dressing table is among woman’s best friends. An organized, “well-dressed” dressing table can become a lovely place, where you spend quality time preparing for your day, arranging for your night out on the town, and unwinding for the evening.  You will have all the necessary things in one place: brushes, clips, makeup, lipsticks, perfumes, jewelry and accessories.

Generally, the dressing table is somehow an assembly consisting of a table, a mirror and a chair or a nice little stool. Many times, this table top is not roomy enough to set make-up and perfumes,  but fortunately, today there are plenty of models which come in different sizes to fit your needs both in terms of personal style and size of the room.  The most important element of dressing tables is, of course, the mirror. It should match the style of the table. Regarding its size, it depends on your preferences. A large, free-standing mirror is preffered, being a design element that not only would reflect the beautiful room beyond, but also is great for small spaces because it creates the impression of a larger room too. Choose a stylish dressing table with drawers, where you can put jewels, cosmetics, creams and everything you need. Large drawers are more suitable especially if you have a large collection of jewelry and makeup.


Add a cosmetic mirror if you feel it’s necessary and don’t forget purchasing a suitable table lamp with good light for the evening makeup. This will leave you plenty of room to lay out your items. Speaking about lighting, the perfect place to have a dressing table is in that room which receives plenty of natural light, often near windows. The mirror must be positioned back to windows for natural light to illuminate the face; this detail is very important for daily makeup.  If your bathroom or bedroom lacks adequate lighting, it’s time for a change.

Whether your’re planning to set up your dressing table in your bedroom, in the bathroom or nearby, here we gathered 5 contemporary-looking ideas to inspire you and you can access from here a great collection of white dressing tables. These tables are not only beautiful, but also they are suitable for a wide range of chromatic palette. Clean lines, stylish and elegant design details make them feminine and ideal for this daily activity. If your prefer to keep things monochromatic, upholstering the dressing table chair in the same shade as the wall will make a simple yet awesome statement. We think having a lovely space dedicated to pampering yourself a bit is something every woman deserves. How does it look like your little corner where you get ready for your day or for the evening?


Photo © Sharp Design


Photo © David Duncan Livingston; Design © Melanie Coddington


Photo © Tria Giovan

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