5 Creative Ideas to Use Space Under the Stairs

If you’re looking to live in a bustling city, chances are, the most coveted addresses in those areas put a real high premium on space. And as real estate becomes more and more scarce, thinking out of the box when it comes to utilizing every square meter afforded to you becomes a crucial part of urban living.

Instead of looking to expand horizontally, a growing trend is making use of spaces that already exist yet are often easy to neglect. One increasingly popular way of smartly utilizing space is by maximizing those that fall under the stairs. The way it opens up once untapped space has almost become a must in today’s contemporary homes, and it also helps that the options are infinite when it comes to doing so.

Below are five creative ways you can apply to make use of that valuable area.

  1. Shelves

This is perhaps the most common ways interior designers transform stairs into useful space. Commonly, open shelves is the easiest route to go as they provide convenient storage spaces for books, design pieces, and other room ornaments that can blend seamlessly into any room design.

The stair shelves pictured below exhibit just how much valuable space could be added to your home by making use of that area. This particular idea is perfect if you have a larger staircase laid out by the corridor. It makes the stuff you need readily available, while also being able to be neatly tucked out of sight as easily as you have access to them.


  1. Closet

In a much similar vein, you can choose to go the closet route when deciding how to make use of your stair space like the home pictured below. Having a closet right under there brings a whole set of possibilities–all dependent on your style and function sensibilities. From coat hangers, to umbrellas, or whatever it is that needs to be easily accessed, you can make use of staircase closets any which way you desire.



  1. Office Space

Nothing speaks of utility when it comes to stair spaces than using it as a small office like the home pictured below does. Notice how there are also drawers right around the workspace where everything can be tucked away neatly, while being just within reach when needed. The shelves right above the desktop also ensures that very few of the vertical space in the area is wasted. You can incorporate other decorations here, such as a rug or flower vases.



  1. Wine Storage

Now, the above ideas may trump this one when it comes to importance and functionality, but you have to admit, it’s a runaway winner when it comes to style and sophistication.

This sleek handcrafted wine storage built into the side of the stairs (especially when done as beautifully as the one pictured below) can add an unmistakable character to your room. Having your drinks as accessible as this is just an added, albeit, significant bonus.



  1. Bedroom Stairs

The above examples of maximizing stair spaces show stairs in houses’ main rooms, but that doesn’t mean the creative ideas are limited there; the example shown below exhibit just how much you can play around with the idea.

Of course, the black and white color scheme would be the one to get your attention, but turning cupboards into stairs (in this case one that goes to a small elevated bed) is a truly creative idea that turns the whole concept on its head. You can replicate the idea in other smaller rooms of the home by both simultaneously building stairs where needed, and making sure it doubles as storage space.

This design idea hits a trifecta by also allowing for a quaint little study just below the bed, and right beside the cupboards—smart, and stylish! storage-space-in-black-and-white



As you’ve seen, there are a plethora of ways you can maximize stair spaces, sometimes (as in the last example), even where there wasn’t stairs in the first place. It makes for a fun exercise in creativity, and it also gives birth to all the other areas in your home where you can find space in places you’ve never thought of looking before.

How about you? How are you planning to make use of that extra space under your stairs? Sound off in the comments section below.


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