Designing the room for your kid can be a hectic and time-consuming task. Their changing moods, likes, and dislikes may let you think that it isn’t going to last. You would hope that the investment will last for at least two years, as this would help you save money. But the reality is that the period of childhood flies away very fast, so avoid thinking in financial terms and try to make the most of it. When it comes to decorating your kid’s room, the best approach is to do it yourself!

You can design the perfect room for your kid by using some artistic but straightforward DIY ideas. A clean yet creative room décor for your kid helps their personality development, leaving a lasting impression.

Some of the best and fun-filled DIYs to décor the room of your kids are:

  1. Upgrade the Bed

Sleep plays a key role in kids’ development. It is necessary to provide your kids with a comfortable bed so they could enjoy their bedtime. Getting a bigger bed for your kid may be a one-time investment. One should keep in mind factors such as the softness of the mattress and the choice of color while purchasing. Also, while decorating, one should take into account the size and comfort of the pillow. Give your kid more support by placing duvet covers readily available in New Zealand, and let them enjoy a peaceful sleep.

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Your kid may want to have a night over with their friends or cousins sometimes. You can design a triple bunk bed for this purpose. It also gives the feeling of floating in the air. This triple bunk bed is suitable for kids who want their own space and want to share the same room.

  • Wall Decoration

You don’t want your kid to live with boring white walls. Decorating the walls of the room will excite your kids even when they turn off their lights at night. Try to paint some creative designs that interest your kid on the walls or the ceilings. You can also set up a chalkboard at one of the walls for your kids to paint anything they want. Another way to let your kids have fun is by placing removable wall decals. These are the temporary walls that you don’t have to repair or maintain.

Framing your child’s painting on the wall is also a good idea. This way, you don’t have to spend your fortune buying artistic pieces, and at the same time, inspire creativity in your kid. It would be best if you purchased frames of different sizes as you can keep updating these paintings after some time.

  • Create Room for Desk

Decorating room for kids of younger age might be a difficult task. If your kids are in nursery or kinder garden, ensure enough space on the desk for them to complete their homework. Allot a separate area for a pencil holder, notebooks and paint the wall in front of the table with a beautiful wallpaper to give a comfortable atmosphere. To add more creativity, you can paste informational pictures about their interests and academics so that when kids catch sight of them, they can learn more about them.

  • Geometry Designs

The use of small and easy geometrical shapes is another technique to decorate your kid’s room. Monochromatic or bright colored geometrical shapes give a picturesque view to the office. In this way, your kids can also learn geometry before going to school. You can craft these shapes using stencils or by using wall decals. You can use these geometrical designs in cupboards and toy shelves as well.

  • Convert Wooden Crafts into Shelves

Conversion of existing furniture is one of the least expensive and creative DIY ideas. Collect all the wooden crates and tie them together. They can be used to store all the books securely in one place. Paint these shelves with bright colors or the ones that match your room. You can ask your kids to paint by allowing them to show their creativity and innovation. Please make use of old furniture present in your home and modify it to make a bookshelf. Add small decorations on this shelf so that kids get attracted to this library area and have their own little private reading nook.


Many people tend to think that the room of your kid should be neat and clean. However, this perception isn’t accurate. You must educate your kids about keeping their rooms tidy and give them a place to feel safe, comfortable, and content. So, take your time, use these ideas to design the room to help your kids thrive.


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