5 Essential Tools for Renovating a Home

If you’re thinking of renovating your home, you’re going to need a well-equipped toolbox. Hiring professionals can prove to be pretty expensive, so doing various renovations yourself could save you a small fortune.

Once you’ve bought the tools you’ll need, they’re going to last you for many years. The question is, which tools are the most useful to invest in? Here, you’ll discover 5 essential tools you’ll need to carry out your own home renovations.

  1. Oscillating Multi Tool

An Oscillating multi tool comes in useful for a wide range of renovation tasks. They come with great interchangeable accessories to help you carry out numerous jobs such as cutting wood which is otherwise unreachable with standard saws.

So, what else can you do with these oscillating multi tools? Well, you can trim door casings, sand wood, cut pipes, remove old paint and remove old grout. Basically, whatever renovations you’re looking to do, an oscillating multitool can help.

  1. Framing hammer with ripping claw

If you’ll be carrying out renovations where you need to rip through a wall, a framing hammer with a ripping claw is a great investment. Ideally, you’ll want one made from stainless steel as this will last much longer and prove more effective at smashing through walls and boards. You can find high quality framing hammers available from Estwing Hammers at Stonex.

Of course, sledgehammers are good to start doing your own demolition with, but here, you’ll discover 5 essential tools you’ll need to continue on with your own home renovations.

Obviously, you’ll want a few different types of hammers in your tool kit. However, a framing hammer is one many people don’t think to have.

  1. Pincers

If you find yourself needing to cut wires, pincers are a worthwhile investment. They’re strong, easy to use and make quick work of cutting wires to an exact length. Most homeowners think to invest in pliers, but pincers are actually much better at getting closer to an object prior to cutting. This means, they provide much more accurate results.

  1. Cordless drill

Just like an oscillating multitool, a cordless drill is an essential home renovation tool. You can take it anywhere around the home without being restricted by wires. Cordless tools have become extremely popular in recent years, so you may already have thought of buying one.

However, it is worth noting that you should splash out on the best quality cordless drill you can afford. A cheap one may be OK initially, but it’s unlikely to last long and it certainly won’t produce the same high-quality results a more expensive drill would.

  1. Extension cords

Even if you do invest in a cordless drill, you’re still going to have some tools which need to be plugged in. This means you’re likely going to need extension cords. They allow you to plug in your power tools wherever you need them. It’s crucial however, that you choose a high-quality extension cord which can handle the voltage of the power tools you’ll be plugging in. Check out for more tools like these on powertoolspros.net .

The above are just 5 essential tools you’ll need for home renovations. Ideally, you’ll want to invest in as many tools as you can afford. You never know which tools are going to come in handy. However, the above are just some of the ones you may not have considered which will prove invaluable for your renovation projects.


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