5 Home Accessories You Need for a Newly Renovated Living Room

Your home must cater to your tastes and convenience, as it is the place where you spend most of your time.

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The ideal home accessories for your newly renovated living room need to adhere to the theme and design of the room. Whether you’re looking for chic, sophisticated, or modern accessories, you can find a wide selection of home décor items at stores like Jo and Co.

If you are on a budget when picking out home accessories, get accessories that will have the biggest impact on your living room’s aesthetics instead of choosing small pieces that don’t contribute significantly. 

Here are the top five living room accessories that can brighten up any space. 

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Stylish Cushion Covers

Regardless of what material or style your living room couch is, it will need cushions for decoration and comfort. Choose cushion covers that will complement your couch. 

Patterned cushion covers can make your living room look more homely, whereas simple coloured cushion covers can add sophistication. Using bright colours can also add a nice pop of colour to your living room. You could opt for neutral colours for your cushion covers so they can be added to any of your living room furniture. 

Adding tassels or ruffles to your cushion covers can make them seem trendy without too much effort. 

Rugs and Carpets

A good rug in your living room doesn’t just add to your décor but can also absorb sounds and vibrations. It is especially ideal for spacious rooms that don’t have a lot of furniture.

If you don’t like the flooring of your living room, rugs are a great way to cover up the floor space too. It can give the room character and personality, making it a good addition to liven up.

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Lighting for a Good Ambience

If your living room doesn’t have access to a lot of natural lighting, getting additional light fixtures can brighten up the room and act as decoration. Stores like Jo and Co offer a wide variety of lightings perfect for any living room.

A pendant light can act as a statement piece for your living room. Using natural materials such as rattan can add a boho twist to your room, while adding simple glass lamps can lend an air of sophistication.

Good Quality Mirrors

To make your living room seem more spacious, mirrors can come in very handy. It helps in bouncing light around the room, giving it the illusion of being bigger.

If you’re looking for the perfect mirror to take daily outfit photos, choose a full-length mirror that has clean edges, which will optimise the space in your living room. A series of circle or square mirrors can also act as décor items and make your living room seem modern and aristocratic.

Mirrors can be a good pick for many people who love to decorate, and this is because they can be used for a long time without any wear and tear. Choose a mirror based on its versatility for your interior.

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Décor that Acts as Storage

You always need storage around your living room, whether it’s for your blankets or books. Getting décor or functional items like stools that can act as storage options is an added benefit.

At stores like Jo and Co, you can find baskets made from natural materials to act as beautiful accessories in your living room. They are easy to access and have plenty of storage. 

Baskets can be used in various designed living rooms, enabling you to use them for a long time. It can also be used in other rooms. 

Make Your Renovated Living Room More Refreshing and Personalised 

Choosing the perfect accessories to go in your newly renovated living room can be a challenge in itself. Instead of spending hours pouring over what types of accessories you should choose, think about items that can add utility to your living room.

You can also add candles or room fragrances to build up the ambience of your room. Adding a signature fragrance to your living room will make it more relaxing and comfortable for you and your guests. 

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Faux plants are an affordable way to add character to your living room. If you are looking to add a bright pop of colour to your space, getting a faux plant can make your room look more earthy and bright.

By choosing simple designs that can work with any room type, you will also be able to use these accessories in different settings. It will ensure that you don’t have to buy new items every time you decide to renovate your living room. 


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