5 Ideas for Creating a Snug in Your Home

If you want to create an extra lounging space for your home, or you have an area of your home which is unused/unloved, then a snug could be a good solution. A ‘snug’ is a cosy, often small but comfortable and stress-free environment where members of your family can go and read a book, watch TV or play a video game. The great thing is that you don’t need a lot of space or money to create a snug – here are some ideas:

Idea 1 – Draw up a plan

The first thing you should do is figure out what space you have to work with and draw up a plan for your snug. You should also consider closely its purpose. Is this a space for the kids, or adults? Is this a space to read? Is this a cosy space where you could nap? After you’ve figured this out, you can more accurately shop for your snug. If you are cordoning off a corner of a larger room, like your living room, then section it clearly with changing wallpapers or organise chairs to clearly define the space. Once you have your space – it’s time to shop!

Idea 2 – Introduce textures

One of the best things you can do with your snug is introduce textures. This immediately adds a cosy, snug feel. Look at this guide on how to add warmth to your rooms. Add darker red tones and browns, greys and navys for a real treat. Textured wallpapers are also a big hit right now.

Accessories are another great way of adding texture and it doesn’t cost a lot to buy some. Cushions and throws are perfect – try clashing colours or patterns too. If you aren’t quite brave enough to try it, use online visualizer tools to help create your snug online before committing to any purchase. Tools like OKA’s cushion arranger is a good way of seeing how cushions can fit together to create a snug look.

Idea 3 – Add mood lighting

Lighting, like cushions, throws and accessories, is another great way to add a cosy ambience to your snug. Think about the practicalities of your room (refer to your ‘plan’ and ‘purpose’) and consider what lighting would work best. Reading light will need to be stronger, but you could balance this out with candles or fairy lights elsewhere.

Idea 4 – Seating is key!

A snug means a snug – so you need a snug chair. If sofas are too expensive, try shopping second hand and re-upholster an older item. If you’re using your snug to nap in, you might want to add a day bed for a practical (but not imposing) look.

Idea 5 – Snug rules?

Think about any rules you might want to impose on your snug. A ‘no phone’ rule is a good one – allowing people to really chill or talk to one another when they reach the snug. You might also consider a no sweets rule, a kid free snug, and so on. It’s your snug – so make it your own!


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