5 important things to check when viewing a house

There is nothing more exciting than buying a new home, but even though it is an exciting experience, it can be daunting too.

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Just remember you are not alone, there are many resources available to help you with this process. It is important to note that before you sign away on a new house, you have to know and understand what look for in a house and below we will break down 5 things that you should always make sure that you check when viewing a house that you are interested in.

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 Buying a house is one of the biggest investments that you will ever make so you don’t want to be stuck with a house that won’t sell. Here are a few things to look out for:

Anything that is wrong

When people try to sell their home, they try to make it look as presentable and good as possible. It is not uncommon for people to paint over damp walls or hide damaged floors with rugs etc. therefore you should always check to see if anything is wrong. Be on the lookout for any damp or mouldy smells, flaky plaster and watermarked walls or ceilings. This is why going to a viewing is so important, and even more important is taking a real estate agent with you, which you can get from somewhere like Top10RealEstateAgent, as they will know exactly what to look for. If a room has just been repainted it should also be a sign that the homeowner may possibly be covering up dampness- although this is not always the case. Be vigilant. 

Location of the house

It is very important when looking at a house to check out the location of the house and know what the neighbourhood is like because you need to know the noise level during the day as well as at night and you also need to know what the security is like in the area. It is advisable that you check the security with the local police station. Checking the location also allows you to know if you will have easy access to things such as schools, shops and your work place. You want easy access to main roads and you should check the traffic flow. Many people focus on the house itself and not the area which is something you should avoid doing. 

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Condition of appliances

Another thing you should be looking at is the condition of the appliances in the house. You need to check their age, if they work and if the plug outlets work. You want to check these things because appliances are expensive to replace. Also check the washer, dryer, water heater, water softener as well as the furnace and boiler, air conditioner and humidifier. You want to check whether these things have been maintained properly. 

One thing you should not do is assume that all appliances will stay with the home, check the property listing to find out which appliance is part of the purchase. 

Are there enough rooms?

You should always make sure that you check to see if there are enough rooms available so that it can accommodate you and your family. Some people like extra bedroom space so that they can have extra room for an office space so that they can work from home. Families with children will also need an increased number of bedrooms to accommodate their different children who have different habits and sleeping schedules. Another popular reason for an extra bedroom is to accommodate guests when they come to visit. All of these factors need to be considered. 

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What needs to be fixed

When you are viewing the house you are interested in you should always keep your eyes out for things that need to be fixed such as windows, doors, the roof etc. You need to consider how expensive these things can be. You might decide that you want to buy a house that is a fixer upper, but you should always consider if it is worth it because they can be expensive in the long run. 

Overall, buying a house is an exciting journey that is very fulfilling. In order to make good choices we need to be educated so familiarize yourself with these 5 things that you need to check when viewing a house so that you save yourself a lot of unnecessary complication in the future. 


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