5 Modern Rocking Chairs

Not too long ago, we featured a post on DesignLike entitled 10 Modern Rocking Chair Designs For Outdoor and Indoor which turned out to be quite popular. That why today we want to show you some other beautiful examples of modern rocking chairs, new definitions of the classic rocking chair, sometimes almost futuristic interpretations. They are a great options for those of you who are looking for a more modern take on this relaxing seat to suit contemporary interiors.

Eye-catching clean aesthetics characterized with highly pronounced curves, dynamic in their expression, dressed in soft comfortable materials which facilitate a relaxed sitting position, these models of rocking chairs are anything but ordinary ones. Their interesting shapes visually capture your interest while their movement provides you a unique experience of inner tranquillity  and stress release for hours.

1. Keinu Rocking Chair

designer – Eero Aarnio

photo © finnishdesignshop.com

2. Stingray Rocker

designer – Thomas Pedersen

 photos © DanishDesignStore


 3. “Purity” Rocking Chair and Love Seat

designer- Scott Wilson

 photos © yankodesign.com


4. Private Rocker

designer- Kyle Fleet


 photos © contemporist.com


5. Ica Rocking Chair

designer- unknown

 photos © opulentitems.com


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