5 Perfect Gifts For New Homeowners

Buying a new home calls for happiness. While the family members are happy for the obvious reasons, friends and work colleagues also love to extend their good wishes in the form of gifts.

It is common for people to throw housewarming parties when they shift to a new house, and this calls for gifts. If you’re invited to such a party or if someone close to you has recently bought a new house, you should make it a point to present them with a nice gift.

The gift should ideally be for ‘the house’. Now what do we mean by this? Let’s find out and have a look at 5 perfect gifts for new homeowners:

  • Stackable Food Containers


Food storage can become a hassle if there are storage issues. A fully stacked fridge with lots of plates and eatables makes it look bad and is also hard to organize.

You can help out new homeowners by giving them a food storage box set which is stackable. They are budget friendly and come in a variety of designs and colors. They keep the food inside well protected from germs and bacteria, and hence are a perfect gift for new homeowners.

The best part about them is their ability into stack in one another.

  • Cover an Expense

This may sound like a strange idea to some of you, but offering to cover one of the expenses as a gift can be a great deal. For example, if you deal in Calgary paintings, you can offer to paint their new home at a discount.

This gift will not only cost you a lot, but also show that you really care for your friends. You will just have to talk about them about your intention to cover a certain expense so that they do not end up booking it on their own.  

  • Wall Clocks

A wall clock as a gift is both practical and thoughtful.

A new home will always have room for a wall clock. There is a diverse range of wall clocks that you can give as a gift.

There are pendulum clocks, vintage clocks, visually appealing clocks and more that you can choose from.

Wall clocks are economical and will definitely cherish new homeowners when you greet them with this gift.

  • Kitchen Tools

Kitchen tools are needed in every home, especially in the newer ones.

If you’re wanting to help a friend who recently moved into a new home then gifting a set of kitchen tools can be a good idea.

A set of spoons, jars, glasses or trays can be counted as useful gifts as they are used on an everyday basis.

You can also kick in creativity and get custom mugs or accessories to be used in the kitchen to serve as a memorable gift.

  • Doormat

A doormat is the first thing that a guest notices. Hence, gifting a doormat is a wise choice.

You can go for doormats that have cool sayings on them or simply choose ones that have a good design. It’s a budget friendly option.


These 5 gifts are ideal to give to a new homeowner, however, make sure you choose the one that comes in your budget.


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