5 Places to Chat with Other Interior Design Enthusiasts Online

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Connecting with others online who share your passions can be an uplifting and rewarding experience. It’s always fun to share ideas, answer questions, and get advice from others who are interested in the same topics and hobbies. If you absolutely love interior design and want to connect with others who feel the same way, read on! We have five excellent suggestions for you.

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  1. Foyr

Foyr is an online network of interior design entrepreneurs and professionals. It’s free to start a membership, which allows you to discover and chat with other interior designers (learn more about online chat here). You can also check out others’ work portfolios, seek mentorships, ask questions, share ideas, find jobs, and secure collaboration opportunities. 

Another great benefit of joining the Foyr community is that you’ll receive access to its library, which contains learning modules and even entire courses. Many of these learning materials are focused on improving yourself as an interior design entrepreneur, overcoming various business challenges, and marketing yourself effectively.

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  1. Interior Design Community 

The Interior Design Community (IDC) began over nine years ago. It started as a place where interior design industry professionals could gather to chat, vent, and share tips and tricks. IDC is prominent on Instagram, where you can search @interiordesigncommunity and #IDCDesigners to see what members have been posting. On Instagram, IDC spotlights interior designers, posts questions of the day that enable designers to share and learn, and shares industry news and initiatives. 

IDC also has a smaller community on Facebook made up of top interior design industry professionals. There, you’ll commonly come across deep, meaningful discussions that will help you boost your business. 

  1. #IntDesignerChat on Twitter 

This Twitter community is made up of architects, home furnishing professionals, and interior designers. Ever since 2010, there’s been a new interior designer chat every Tuesday evening at 6 PM Eastern Time. This is a great place to go to connect with others in the industry and gain insight from the weekly chats.

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  1. Houzz 

Houzz is a huge platform that hosts a forum containing hundreds of discussion threads on topics like landscape design, gardening, interior decorating, remodeling, and more. Ask questions, share advice, and learn from others by participating in discussions. A few recent threads talk about matching trim to shutters, ideas for redesigning a home’s exterior, making a small bathroom more vibrant, and adding walls to an open concept plan. If any of that sounds interesting to you, or if you have a question or topic to contribute, be sure to click over to Houzz!

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  1. r/Interior Design

Reddit is another fantastic platform that has an interior design community under the subreddit r/Interior Design. The description of the subreddit discusses interior design’s function as the art and science of understanding behavior in order to develop functional spaces within buildings. It talks about the multifaceted profession of interior design and the involvement of both technical and creative solutions. Some recent threads include a before and after of a remodeled balcony, a bathroom transformation, and a question about balancing a cabinet design. This subreddit is an incredible place to go if you’d like to find inspiration, advice, and general interior design discussions.

A Final Word

We hope you enjoy chatting with and learning from other interior design enthusiasts in the five communities discussed above! As always, when you’re communicating online, be sure to follow appropriate internet etiquette and add to the discussion with positivity.


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