5 Qualities to Look for in a Property Manager

Property management companies deal directly with prospective and actual tenants. These companies save you time and concern over advertising your rentals, gathering rent, supervising maintenance and repair issues, replying to tenant complaints, and pursuing evictions. 

Quality property managers easily can apply broad skill sets to unique situations they encounter on the job. Property managers ease with simplicity into situations that require secure communication, negotiation, customer service, and organizational skills. They should be knowledgeable and have the ability to manage more particular property-related concerns, like maintenance and repairs. 

When choosing the right property management company, you will be asking various questions to assess if the company or manager is the right fit to look after your rental units. While looking for the best property management companies, you also want a management team with a skilled and knowledgeable property manager. Here are five critical qualities that excellent property managers should possess. 

1. Solid Communication Skills

When looking for a quality property manager, you need one that can communicate with various types of people. A property manager will be dealing with tenants, property owners, vendors, and co-workers daily. If there is weak communication from your property manager, it could translate negatively on you. You want someone who can respond and answer questions in a timely matter. A property manager should communicate clearly, and easily accessible. Keeping lines of communication open with yourself and a property manager to build and maintain a strong relationship with tenants.

2.  Exceptionally Organized

Property management companies require managers that are incredibly detail-oriented and need high levels of organization. Handling multiple property owners, rental units, tenants, and administrative work can be overwhelming. An organized property manager can stay calm under pressure and the ability to multi-task while remaining detail-oriented. For example, a leaky roof might have been avoided if the property management company kept open communication with tenants and maintenance staff and had conducted a yearly evaluation of significant maintenance concerns such as the reliability of the roof and safety of stairs and railings. 

3. Superb Marketing Ability

Marketing is one of the responsibilities of a great property manager. Writing an eye-catching property description requires knowledge about the amenities of the rental unit and surrounding areas, as well as an understanding of how those conveniences will attract a specific tenant. Property managers need to have the marketing ability to write about properties, add information to your listing and your website, and develop the site itself so that the listing attracts reliable groups of tenants. A property manager with marketing experience will assist you in developing a website, and listing your properties for rent to make sure your advertising in the correct avenues to attract positive tenants. 

4. Provide Outstanding Customer Service

Excellent customer service and communication go together. For tenants, when they are communicating a question to the manager, they want an answer right away. Property managers can manage tenant inquiries, concerns and can problem-solve on the spot. Your property manager must provide excellent customer service to anyone they are dealing with. For example, if a tenant contacts the property management company about a possible leak in the roof of their apartment, the property manager needs to take urgent responsibility for this inquiry and treat the hole as an emergency and respond promptly. 

5. A Level of Experience

A quality property manager is aware that they are in the business of managing rental properties which means they understand while managing rental property units. There has to be a lever of professionalism in everything they do. 

Property managers need to be able to separate their emotions from decisions and situations and aim to do right by their clients. Property managers should be able to stay firm when it comes to the rules, and are not quickly taken advantage of by tenants. 

In Conclusion

A property management company will be able to successfully help you with your rental properties if they have a quality property manager leading the team. When you are searching for a company that matches you, be sure to question the company on their manager. You deserve a skilled team of experts in numerous fields such as human resources, engineering, training, and accounting to support the property manager to deliver the best service for your properties. 


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