Instagram Marketing Tips For 2021

Every company that wants to appear on the social networking sites must develop a marketing strategy.

For this purpose, social media manager tools are necessary to promote the website on social media. If you want to make a good business and delight your customers, you should use Platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter.

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After these well-known and largest portals for promoting enterprises, you can move on to the next stage, Instagram.

With 500 million users and over 95 million entries a day, Instagram has become an essential part of social media marketing.

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We have created this guide to teach you how to use Instagram to grow your business properly. We will tell you how to set up, develop and optimize your Instagram marketing strategy to increase your audience, followers, potential and existing customers. We will set the path to becoming the most liked brand.

Define your goals

First, you should ask yourself what you want to achieve with Instagram.

Here are some examples of goals to be achieved on an Instagram for a Business account:

  1. Will you use Instagram as a presentation tool for your Business? Business creators employ a “brand awareness” strategy, so Instagram is the perfect place to showcase your Business online.
  2. Do you run an e-commerce business? Instagram can serve as a place to present offers and products and show what the company has achieved so far.
  3. Will Instagram be used to generate interest in your products and services, with mobile users being the main audience? If so, you should adopt appropriate tools to them that will allow you to find relevant content on your website quickly.
  4. Perhaps you want to gain followers and then decide what business strategy you will use next?

Remember that you can also define your goals in more detail, for example:

  • You get a certain number of followers per day, week, month or quarter
  • You get a certain number of likes for your posts
  • You will publish a certain number of videos

Later in this guide, we’ll go over the hashtag feature, which should be a crucial part of your Instagram strategy.

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Specify your details

Use the data to conclude.

Until recently, Instagram had limited analytical tools. But in 2016, the “Instagram for Business” platform was introduced, i.e., Instagram marketing with the built-in Insights tool. With it, you can see who your followers are and what content they pay attention to the most.

To get more data on your Instagram cat, you can also use the Iconosquare app. It allows you to observe the effectiveness of our actions: it indicates the number of comments on posts, the effectiveness of the hashtags used, and the increase and loss of followers. Thanks to this, you can determine which of your actions bring benefits and which you should change.

Specify a value for management

It can be most difficult in social networks to identify the “intangible” benefits of the content displayed. E-books or webinars can generate hundreds or thousands of new leads, but Instagram humanizes and gives life to your brand.

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On Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, we create networks, share and promote content, while Instagram is the platform where our company shows its human page. By presenting great people who build your product, where everyone meets and works, and important company events.

Insight into your brand culture. You show the warm, inviting, friendly and, above all, human side of your Business.

Define brand guidelines

Stay with the brand.

If your Business has unique visual characteristics (fonts, colors, etc.), make sure that your Instagram posts match those characteristics. For example, they should be consistent with those you present on other portals, such as Facebook or Twitter. Work with your marketing team to define guidelines for using your company logo in the posts and photos you add.

Here are some tips for using your photos for the best effect:

1. Use high-quality free photos,,, – you’ll find high-quality photos here, perfect as backgrounds for text and graphics.

2. Follow the rule of thirds

When photographing an object or surroundings, imagine that the image is divided into three parts, both vertically and horizontally. You can place the photograph object in a central location and any of the points of intersecting lines. The photo is then more interesting and more interesting to the eye.

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3. Be captivated by the originality

Try to take interesting, attention-grabbing photos or hire a professional. Also, follow the rules of typography – when adding text to photos, keep its consistency (color, font type, and scaling) with the graphics. This will help build an image characteristic of your company.

Test, repeat, optimize

Now that you’ve established the guidelines for your brand, it’s time to develop a schedule for adding posts.

The planned frequency of the posts you will post on your profile should be set according to a certain schedule. You can use ready-made templates available on the Internet.

Start experimenting with posting at different times of the day, and you will see when you get the most engagement. It will also help you determine the audience of the target audience to which you will direct your posts. Your schedule on Instagram can change completely, especially when you’re targeting an audience in a different time zone.

Once you’ve done your initial tests with a few inline posts and collected data on follower engagement, optimize your schedule to get the results.


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