Designing the Bathroom You’ve Always Dreamed Of – Interior Designer Annette Frommer’s Top Tips

Your bathroom is way more than a bathtub and a toilet.  It is the place that provides you with positive energy in the morning as you start your day, and it is the space to visit in the evening in preparation for a restful and good night’s sleep. 

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For these simple reasons renovating your bathroom is such an exciting prospect. It is not a huge project to undertake, and is quite feasible for most people who have always dreamed of a bathroom that is specifically planned and designed to their very specific wants and needs.  

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To succeed in fulfilling your dream here are a few suggestions and considerations to keep in mind – so that the final result is just what you’ve always dreamed of.


First and foremost, the budget needs to be considered. It is so tempting to go for elements and materials that are more expensive than you had originally planned for. Be wary and stick to your budget.  Nowadays, there are so many gorgeous options, beautiful and practical materials that provide an exclusive and expensive look without the high price tag. 

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Next consider who the bathroom is for and how many people will be using it. Take into account the size of the space. Many bathrooms are not large. Study the size and proportion so that the space feels vast, airy and not stuffy. As interior designer Annette Frommer says, “The layout is crucial. Make sure that the shapes and lines of the bathroom fixtures and tiles harmoniously fit the space”. 

A bathroom for a couple – clean lines and glass doors partition and enlarge the space.

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Color and lighting 

Color is so important. It creates and enhances the ambiance of the space.   Frommer usually recommends light colors and tones, advising to test the color on large strips. She notes that when deciding on color, you also need to think about lighting.  Are there windows in the space? Large windows/ small windows? How much natural light is there? What kind of light fixtures do you envisage in your mind? Are you craving for a glam chandelier in the bathroom, or for minimalistic spotlights? As she points out, “lighting in the bathroom is everything and the possibilities for light fixtures are endless. Lighting not only brightens a space but also affects the way it makes you feel. In other words, when choosing colors for your bathroom think about the lighting too.”

A very small bathroom with a chandelier and mirrors 

to enlarge the space and to provide that pampering 

glam look and feel!

Image by Jean van der Meulen from Pixabay

Black and white. Eternally chic and 

classic. The mosaic flooring adds style  

as does the marble cladding. Overall harmonious and super elegant. The 

spotlights are minimalistic and unobtrusive. 

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A bathroom should always be tidy. This means the countertop should not be cluttered and electronics and their wires should not be scattered around. Makeup, cleaning products and towels should all be stored. Today, there are so many space saving storage options such as cabinets under the sink, vertical spaces above the door, in the shower, and more.  Give all your items a home – a specific space just for them in order to keep the bathroom space clean and neat. 

To conclude – Though a bathroom of course needs to be functional it is also the place where you can relax and pamper yourself. By planning and designing the bathroom with elements that you have always desired, you can create the kind of space that is not only functional but a space which offers a sense of serenity and wellbeing!


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