5 Reasons Hiring a Commercial Painter Will Make Your Vancouver Business Look Great

Your business exterior and interior aesthetics communicate an experience to your customers.

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When your external siding and paint job are peeling, for example, you send the message that your business is too frugal to make repairs.

On the other hand, when you hire a commercial painter in Vancouver to make your business look amazing, your customers will perceive your business as reliable, professional, and in good repair.

If you’re running a business in Vancouver or the surrounding areas, you need to take good care of your building. While you need to get a handle on landscaping and repairs, don’t forget about your paint jobs.

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Keeping the weeds at bay is important, but your paint job will make a bigger impact on your customers. However, painting your business isn’t a DIY task. No matter how much money you want to save, here’s why you need to hire a professional commercial painter.

1. You always get what you pay for

You’ve heard the phrase “you get what you pay for,” and it’s true. Cheap services are rarely high quality, although you can find competitive rates and small discounts. Professional commercial painters aren’t likely to offer huge discounts on painting, so check their credentials if you find an extremely cheap painter.

Getting discounted or free professional services is rare. True professionals don’t have to offer discounts to get clients because their work is in high demand. If you pay 50% of the going rate for a paint job, you’ll get 50% of the quality you expect.

2. Professional painters won’t carelessly damage your property

It’s hard to imagine a painter damaging property, but it happens often. People who aren’t trained and licensed get hired for big jobs they either can’t complete or ruin.

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A professional commercial painter will spend all the time needed to mask important areas of your building, use the appropriate drop cloths, cover furniture that can’t be moved, and take extra care when handling paint rollers and buckets. They won’t put paint buckets on ledges where they can fall down a flight of carpeted stairs, and they won’t walk around the building with a loaded roller in their hand.

3. Professional painters are insured

Professional painters are human beings, and humans are prone to accidents and mistakes. No painter is perfect, but professional painters are always the better choice because they are insured. Plenty of things can go wrong during a paint job. If you hire a discount painter, they’ll probably leave you high and dry.

On the rare occasion that a professional painter makes a mistake and splatters paint on a hardwood floor, a carpet, or your property, they’ll fix the problem. If they can’t fix it on their own, their insurance will cover the repair.  

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4. Professional commercial painters have business integrity

According to the paint pros at Sherwin Williams, bad paint contractors don’t have business integrity. They often write up fuzzy contracts with vague terms. Often, they ask for weekly payments and only accept cash. Bad contractors also have poor communication skills.

Don’t risk working with anyone who isn’t completely professional. That side gig painter you found on Craigslist probably isn’t the best person for the job. It’s always better to invest in a professional, licensed commercial painter than to take your chances not knowing what you’ll get.

5. A professional painter won’t have to redo their work

Professional painters might need to do some touch-up work or redo a small area if it didn’t dry properly or if unforeseen circumstances created a problem (like if a herd of moths flew into wet paint). However, a professional won’t create a mess that has to be redone from scratch.

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When you hire a discount painter, you never know what you’re going to get. The results might not even be anywhere close to what you asked for and are expecting. If the painter doesn’t have to redo their work because of a mistake, you might have to redo the entire paint job because you chose the wrong painter.

Hire a professional commercial painter for optimal results

There’s no way around it – hiring a professional commercial painter is the only way to get the paint job you want. If you care about your Vancouver business and want to create a positive impression on your customers, hire a pro and get it done right the first time.


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