5 signs that you need chimney repair

As a homeowner, it’s of high importance that you pay close attention to the signs that your chimney needs to be repaired. 


A damaged chimney is unsafe and can lead to home deterioration, structural damage to the property and chimney, or fire risk. It is advised that you do DIY chimney checks to verify that your chimney is in good working order.

However, it’s not always easy to spot all potential chimney issues as a homeowner. It is advisable to hire a professional chimney sweep to fix your chimney. 


Contact a competent specialist as soon as you identify any cause of worry for the chimney.

A chimney inspection and evaluation should be performed at least once a year to guarantee optimal chimney use. 

A single inspection check a year will not be adequate if you utilize the chimney more frequently than average. 

A minimum of two to three inspection checks a year is highly recommended for such users.


5 signs your chimney needs repair

Chimney crown cracks

The crown of your chimney might be severely damaged, posing a severe threat to your chimney. A chimney crown is the first layer of protection for the safety of your chimney. Without it, your chimney may experience a variety of problems and troubles. Because it is located on the building’s roof, a damaged chimney crown cannot be seen from within the home.


If you observe water leaking from your chimney or sluggish chimney performance, something is likely amiss up there. 

Without physically going onto the roof, significant damage to the top of the chimney cannot be seen. It is not suggested to do DIY checks at this time unless you have prior roof climbing expertise. Without the proper safety inspections, gear, and experience, climbing to the roof can become deadly.

It is best to use a professional chimney service for chimney crown crack inspection. When a chimney crown is compromised, it enables moisture and water damage to the thaw of the chimney, resulting in wider fractures. Install weatherproofing to both the chimney and the crown to avoid crown chimney cracks and save money on chimney repairs.

Damaged wallpaper

Wallpaper is used around the chimney for more than just aesthetic reasons. The majority of chimneys are built to have wallpaper put around them. 

These wallpapers serve a critical purpose: it notifies you that your chimney needs to be repaired. You could be asking yourself, “How?” It’s simple: if you find dampness on your wallpaper, it’s time for a chimney repair. Moisture wreaks havoc on the chimney. 


Chimneys were not designed to hold water. Moisture or apparent water leaking indicates that your chimney requires repair or, at the very least, a chimney inspection and appraisal. Repairs to the damaged chimney should be completed as soon as possible to avoid additional deterioration or complete chimney destruction. 

Only choose a professional chimney repair agency to manage your chimney repair needs.

Chimney rust

Rust is a prominent indicator of chimney deterioration. Rusts in your chimney, flue, or chimney firebox are a sure indicator that moisture is present. Moisture or water leaks that develop rust in the chimney can cause various problems for your chimney, requiring costly chimney repair.

The flue tile might crack due to moisture, a common cause of chimney fires. If you don’t care for rust on your chimney right away, it will wreak havoc on its performance and structure.

Rust accumulates with time, which is why you should examine and evaluate your chimney regularly. 

To be on the safe side, perform a routine chimney check at least once or twice a year. Chimney rust is most commonly observed on the chimney cap or flashing. This isn’t to say that rust can’t occur in other places.

Mortar joint damage

As a result of water, ice, or seasonal expansion, water can cause damage to the joints in the mortar between chimney bricks, which may require repairs. The masonry, which is exposed to moist air whenever a mortar joint is broken, is further damaged as a result. Eventually, the chimney will collapse from the pressure of damp air. A qualified chimney repair provider will be able to solve the problem of the mortar joints.


Chimney tiles

A stack of chimney tiles in your fireplace may not be a good indicator of the health of your chimney. 

Cracked or fractured flue tiles, in most circumstances, indicate a damaged flue liner. Chimney damage can happen due to poor building methods and practices, but it can also happen due to water damage. Ignoring this issue will only result in more harm and a worsening situation. A chimney fire can start if moisture gets into the crevices in the framework of the chimney.

Cost of chimney repair

Without a thorough examination and evaluation, you cannot just assume that your chimney is in excellent working order. There will be signs that will alert you to the necessity for a chimney repair. These indications vary from the most evident to those that an expert chimney repair service can only detect. Costing:

Chimney RepairAverage Cost
Brick and Mortar Repair$200 – $2,000
Water Damage$200 – $500
Crown Repair$200 – $400

Written by Carl Brill, technician in Eco-Chimney-Solutions, which offer chimney repair in Seattle.

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