5 Simple Ways to Improve the Look of Your Home

When it comes to your home, you want to keep it updated so that it not only looks great but also increases your home’s value. You might think that a total renovation is required, which is always expensive. However, there are options that you can take to bring new life to your property while also being budget friendly. It all comes down to the details.

The following are 5 ways you can easily improve the look of your home without a major renovation.

1. Cable Railings

The railing on your staircase is one of the first features to look outdated. Wooden railings are also hard to maintain – you probably regret not choosing a different material.

Cable railings are metallic accents that can make your home look modern and sophisticated. Cable railings are perfect for outdoor spaces since they don’t block your view as bulky wooden rails do.

This upgrade is quick and easy. Be sure to look into the requirements for railings in your city before installing them.

2. Swap Out the Lighting

Another overlooked feature that will make a world of difference when updated is your lights. Lighting makes a huge impact. It colors your home and offers you a chance to add a stylish accessory to any room.

Metallic lamps come in simple geometric shapes that are perfect for that modern look. New ceiling fixtures can make a dramatic impact on the overall look as they are rarely switched out.

3. Update Your Window Treatments

Windows are another home feature that homeowners don’t think about updating. You can update your windows by doing a couple of things.

If you have your windows bare, then simply framing each with curtains or other dressing can transform the whole room. You can also opt for custom blinds to really add your personal touch.

A simpler upgrade that can really change the appearance of your windows and home is getting your windows cleaned by a professional window washing service. Clean windows add a sheen to your home that transforms your property in a way that few other upgrades can.

4. Consider Wallpaper

A lot of people have negative preconceptions about wallpaper. After all, who wants to have the tacky pattern that your grandma has in her kitchen? However, wallpaper options today are more varied and up-to-date than you would think. There are less gaudy patterns in sight now that we are far from the 90’s and 2000’s.

Nowadays, you can find wallpaper that comes in more muted and modern tones, sophisticated patterns, and customizable options to truly make the room your own. Even better, you can easily remove wallpaper when you are ready to change the look. Investing in wallpaper today is a versatile choice that can add depth to your favorite room without overpowering it.

5. Add Color

Many modern homes these days are filled with shades of white, but a pop of color can transform an outdated space. If you’re tired of looking at the beige walls in your bedroom, consider a fresh coat of paint for at least one of the walls. One wall can accent the other fixtures and furniture in the room.

Unlike other small renovations, you don’t need a professional at all to help you paint your home. If the whole room or even one wall is too intimidating, then small touch-ups can still freshen up the space.


You don’t need to completely overhaul your house with a renovation. There are many small options that allow you to update your home. If you’re in need of inspiration, find the rooms in your home that are the most outdated and search the internet for home listings or pictures of modern spaces. 


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