5 Style Tips for Your Spare Bedroom

Whether you have a spare room looking drab and old or looking to convert an unused space into a functional bedroom, there are a few easy steps to approach this task.

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Styling a spare bedroom needn’t involve a lot of money when a few small alterations can make a huge difference. Here are five style tips to help you transform your spare bedroom.

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Utilize Unused Space

Lofts are often dusty, unused areas in the home. Transform this dead space with a loft conversion. You will be surprised how much space you are left with after a professional conversion. They do not require a lot of work, and in most cases, you will not need planning permission either. Converting your loft into a beautiful, spare bedroom is a simple and straightforward process. If you are in need of a loft conversion in South London, the people behind Touchstone Lofts can help. They provide award-winning loft conversions within the UK.

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Statement Pieces

Styling up your spare bedroom doesn’t mean you have to redecorate the entire room. In fact, one statement piece can go a long way. The idea is to create a focal point within the room. This could be a large, eye-catching mirror that creates the illusion of space or unique cushions that bring the room together. To make your statement piece truly stand out, decorate the space around the piece with contrasting colors and patterns. Don’t forget to follow the rule of three. In other words, if your statement piece is a bold, blue table, then two other items in the room should feature this color. Following this rule will help ensure your spare bedroom looks balanced and aesthetically pleasing.

Unique Furniture

Whether you are into upcycling old furniture or you enjoy browsing antique shops for a vintage bargain, furnish your spare bedroom with unique furniture for a stylish look. Of course, a comfortable chair is a must when it comes to spare bedrooms. Whereas a desk or a dressing table are practical additions to larger spaces. Not to mention, a multifunctional table is handy for guests to use during their stay but can also be converted into a home office desk for when your guests go home.

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Ambient Lighting

The right light can make or break the ambiance in a room. Therefore, a spare bedroom should always be furnished with a functional room light. However, light bulbs come in a range of color temperatures, and so you need to match the temperature to the ambiance you want to create in the room. For a spare bedroom, temperatures ranging from 2,000k to 3,000k are a great option as they give off a calm, warm glow.

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Feature Wall

Make your spare bedroom stand out with an eye-catching feature wall. You can approach this project in a few different ways. A splash of color can transform the tone of a room while adding wallpaper with a bold pattern is an easy way to make a wall stand out. Alternatively, crafty types can go freehand and paint a unique mural or use stencils to create a stunning design. Wall décor can also be added to decorate a room. This can include floating shelves, artwork, or framed photographs.


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