5 Things Everyone Needs for Entertaining after Their Home Project is Complete

The excitement and joy at the end of a home remodeling project is absolutely palpable. And we want nothing more than to invite guests to celebrate with us after this monstrous undertaking. In order to do that, we need to make sure we are prepared to host a soiree’ that will truly enhance the beauty of our surroundings. Make sure you have these top five things needed in every home.

5. Elegant Serving Bowls

Creating a family-style recipe for everyone to partake in, and serving it in a beautiful bowl is top on the list. From handcrafted, hand-finished mother of pearl infused enamel to large stainless steel bowls, the luxurious Julia Knight Collection can really suit your needs and your style. Whether you prefer a more modern viewpoint or a lovely traditional look, we’ve got you covered in every style, shape, and color.

4. Exquisite Tiered Cake Stands

Styling stunning dessert tables for 4 to 40 guests is still a dynamic way to showcase gorgeous desserts. Creating this look starts with a handmade (or ordered) specialty torte or cake, acting as the star of the table, showcased on a single-tiered cake plate. To add more drama, depth, and style, create a two-tiered cake stand by layering a smaller stand on top of a larger stand, and place the decadent dessert on top, and minibars and cupcakes below. Group a collection of smaller trays with bite-size desserts and fill in with brightly colored candy. Add fresh flowers and coordinating paper products and you have a luscious table that’s sure to catch everyone’s eye.

3. Bold and Beautiful Bathroom Accessories

You’ve already invested in creating a home that is exactly what you wanted, so adding the finishing touches to the bathrooms will help make your home feel complete. Luxurious bath products that are thoughtfully designed with form and function in mind, offer style and beauty to your master bath, guest bath, and powder room. From soaps and lotion dispensers to the tissue boxes, and wastebaskets and bathroom vanity trays, the Julia Knight Collection offers a vast selection of pretty powder room accessories in a plethora of colors, that will surely help you curate an impeccable look.

2. Singular Trays Paired with Dipping Bowls

Adding the detail and special touches to your table, really make your guests feel welcome and loved. Create a vivid viewpoint while showcasing your styling with singular serving trays, paired with your favorite dips. Whether it’s a tray filled with luscious seasonal veggies and hummus as the dip, or handmade artisan breads with local olive oil and cracked pepper, having smaller scale trays and dipping bowls on hand allows you to provide a lovely variety of snacks, starters, and sweets for guests. These trays and bowls are also ideal on a dresser or as a catch-all at the door, ideal for loose change, keys, wallets, jewelry, or sunglasses.

1. Sumptuous Serving Trays

Whether you’re creating a savory charcuterie of meats, cheese, breads and fruits on a stainless steel serving tray or adding a large serving tray with handles onto your coffee table or dining table, large trays are not only fabulous but functional, too! A serving tray in stainless steel or sand-cast aluminum, in rich, opulent colors, add vibrancy and panache to every home. It’s a standard go-to at every occasion, perfect for a bar collection of glassware, coasters, a cocktail shaker, ice bucket, and cut lemons and limes. Serve your guests a flawless specialty cocktail all contained on one remarkable tray!

Whatever home project you’ve just completed, the time to celebrate and enjoy starts in the details of your home and ends with guests enjoying their stunning surroundings and beautiful settings.


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