Decorating Ideas to Design a Bathroom

Among the most important parts of the house is the bathroom. In this place we spend very intimate moments and people spend money and give special attention to their bathroom looks. In the foreground is good looks, a very well thought out interior design and a clean clear  which we can notice at any time. An important place is the bathroom decorating and bathroom accessories design combining them all, to give us the perfect atmosphere we want in our bathroom.If we want our bathroom to have a separate issue in a modern style, storage of various items we have in the bathroom should be very well thought out, this space can be specially designed cabinets, but also in specially designed from the start, embedded in the interior design of bathroom.

Whether we want a modern design or an traditional design, the materials are obtained should assist Furnishings of bathroom to be of such high quality marble is a material that gives a distinctive quality is perfect when combined with our bath room, give and wood is a perfect material suitable for bathrooms, especially the traditional ones.
A special attention should be given to your bathroom mirror, which can offer extra charm to decorate the inside of the bathroom, giving the sensation of pure brightness and spaciousness. Placement should take into account the use of mirror, the light around the mirror is recommended to be easy and comfortable light to promote various activities such as shaving and makeup.
Attention focused on the details leading to our bathroom accessories decorated modern, these accessories are offered by different companies and can be easily sold in supermarkets by Internet or profile.
The range of bathroom accessories to enumerate a few elements:

  • showers
  • cabinets
  • bathtubs
  • taps
  • towel holders
  • sinks
  • bathroom garbage

These accessories can be purchased according to the budget range of companies that produce them and sell them very rich. Quality accessories can be on both the quality of materials but lately is due to the finish and shape.
Light is another important aspect in our bathroom, light plays a decisive role in the final look of our bathroom is why it is recommended to give a great importance, we can focus on territorial types of lighting: natural light (where we have a glass), light activity, ambient light. Light activity is light provides perfect lighting to enable us to carry out activities in the bathroom in a safe and standard.
Ambient light can be obtained with recessed ceiling spots on walls or floors, cabinets and mirror.

If type sink counter-top may be decorated with beautiful ornamental plants, ambient décor, spa, stained glass, handmade silk flowers different, scented candles. Small objects, comb, hair clips, small accessories that can be put in boxes of decor can then be stored in a decorative box with partitions, it provides a special appearance in combination with other similar items of decor.

 Photos source: designer Ibrahim Haddad.


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