5 Things to Remember While Hiring Siding Contractors

Siding increases a home’s curb appeal, it’s resale value, and it protects the house from outside elements. The key to siding success lies within the siding contractor selected to complete the project. Finding a reliable, trustworthy, affordable siding contractor is the first step in a successful repair, service, or replacement.

– Ask trusted sources to point you toward a great siding contractor. Family, coworkers, friends, neighbors, and others can give you a referral if you ask.

– The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is an excellent source of information about local siding contractors. You’ll learn how other customers feel about the work performed and how the company responded to complaints/issues when you contact the BBB.

– Online research oftentimes reveals important information about siding contractors that can help you narrow the choices and find a great contractor for your job.

But what makes a siding contractor better than the next? The contractor best fit for your needs is determined by factors such as your budget, your expectations, and the work desired. Set a budget and know what you expect from the contractors to prevent any mishaps once the job starts. Knowing this information from the start saves time and hassle once the project begins.

Once you have a few siding contractors of interest, place a call to each of them. First impressions are vital, so take note of how you feel as you speak to the agent. Do they seem genuinely interested in your concerns? Are they professional and prompt? Are free estimates available? Create a list for each company of interest to better track the information.

A good siding contractor is one who is experienced since they bring the secrets to the job that newcomers may not have yet learned. A good siding contractor goes above and beyond to take care of his customer’s needs, and he never cuts corners or hurries through a job. He keeps you informed every step of the way and takes price in quality work.

Follow these steps to find a great siding contractor in the local area.

1- Request estimates from three to four companies that you’ve chosen as prospective contractors for your project. Compare prices to ensure you find someone that fits well within your budget. Price is important, of course, but do not forget to factor in the company’s professionalism, reliability, and other factors to decide which of the contractors is the best fit for your needs. Estimates are free, and it takes very little time to complete these steps, so what do you have to lose?

2- Check references. The more available siding contractors in the area you get, the better the odds you’ll find a well-qualified expert to handle your job. Ask the contractor to provide you with two or three references. Email, text, or call each reference to learn their opinion of the contractor.

3- Never hire a contractor who doesn’t have a license and insurance. Both of these pieces protect you from financial devastation and trouble during the project. Did you know that a lawsuit can be filed against you by an uninsured contractor who is hurt at your home? An unlicensed contractor may lack the expertise to handle the job sufficiently. Don’t take these risks and instead, hire a reputed and licensed contractor.

4- Go online to learn more about the contractor. It has already been discussed how you can read online reviews posted by previous customers. However, don’t forget to visit the contractor’s website and social media pages to divulge even more details about the company. You’ll get a great insight into the company when visiting these sources for information. Look at the way the company interacts with customers, the comments left on posts, the ease of website use, etc., to ensure that you’re working with the best professionals for the job.

5- Once you find a contractor with whom you want to complete your siding work, make sure you get everything in writing. Never pay the entire cost of the job upfront and be leery of any company that suggests you do so. Read over the contract before signing it and ensure that you understand everything that is written in the contract first. Ask questions if you have them.

A good siding contractor is out there, but it’s up to you to complete the work to find that professional. Use the above information to help narrow the selection and find an expert who will exceed expectations. With a bit of effort, finding a great siding contractor is simple.


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