5 Things We Forget When Doing a Home Makeover

Though people love a good home makeover, getting it done right the first time isn’t as easy as it sounds. After one room is revamped with pretty little things it seems like there is still more to do. Even if we hit every item on the makeover list, we learn later that some how we missed some things. It’s like redoing the kitchen and forgetting to replace the cabinet hardware or updating the bathroom without getting new bathroom light fixtures. It’s like running a race and just as we’re at the finish line, we stop. It might seem like we’ve reached the finish line, but we haven’t, there are still a couple more steps to take.

Here are five things we forget about when we’re in the middle of a renovation project. If we know about it, there’s no excuse to forget about it!

  1. Measuring the area of the space. This probably seems like a crazy thing to forget, but when you fall in love with the Goetz sofa from the Herman Miller collection, your instant thought is “I must have it—I’ll make it fit!” When you see something you really want sitting in a showroom, just begging you to take it home with you, your living room space dimensions are the farthest thing from your mind. Before you go to a furniture store or boutique shop, make sure you measure the size of your space. This way, if the couch you spy is too large, you’ll know to keep walking on past it.

  1. Not ordering enough flooring to fix a mistake. Famed Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott told HGTV in an interview that they usually order 20 percent more flooring than is necessary for a project. “Flooring is prone to cuts and breakage during installation, and there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to find an exact match if you need to order more.” If you end up not needing the extra flooring you ordered, you can use it for another DIY project.
  1. Replacing outdated light fixtures. If you’re set to remodel a room, make sure your renovating plans reflect a complete overhaul. Imagine redoing the bathroom with a tiled floor and walk-in shower. The water fixture has been replaced, the cabinetry painted and countertops refinished. When you flip the light switch, the old, opaque glass shade with its weakly emitted yellow light will make the renovation feel like a bust. Replace the water AND bathroom light fixtures during the remodel. In some cases, just replacing these two items is all you need to do to update the space.
  1. Buying a house plant then forgetting to water it. Wanting to bring nature indoors, we decide that buying a plant to freshen up the space and make it feel more alive. Unless you’ve bought a fake plant, you’ll need to remember to water it, even a cactus needs to be watered. Before buying a house plant, research house plants and types do best in what types of settings. Does your living room not get a lot of sun? If not, a tropical house plant would only shrivel up and die in the space.

  1. Mixing and Matching Texture and Pattern. In an effort to make sure everything matched well, you bought everything in the same hue of red with the same smooth texture. Though the color is bold, it’s going to be overwhelming and bleak. Who wants to sit in a room made up of one color and texture? Use different shades of the same color (if you refuse to mix and match colors) and play with patterns and textures. Design is all about play, make it fun!

If you’re going to be spending all that money on a new project, make sure it’s well spent and do it right the first time.


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