5 Things You Need To Know To Improve Your Instagram Experience

Instagram is one of the three most powerful social media platforms, alongside Facebook and Twitter. As of writing, it has 1 billion unique monthly users, with half of that number using the app every single day. To say that it’s a mainstay in social media platforms for the next five years is an understatement. Here’s how you can improve your in-app experience. 

1. You can download all your photos in one go

Ever wondered how to download Instagram photo? Well, right now, there’s no way you can download separate photos from other users from the app itself. But, you can download all of your data – that means all the photos you’ve posted – in one folder. There’s an option in the Settings of the app that lets you do exactly just that.

Under Settings, go to Security, then find the option for Download Data. Upon clicking on that option, you’ll be asked to input your log-in details. After you confirm your identity, you’d be redirected to an option saying Request Download. Click on that and wait for the confirmation message. 

2. You can keep up with a specific person by turning on their post notifications

We all have our favorite people. Be it a celebrity we are crushing on, or a best friend that we want to be always in-the-know of, and even a frenemy that we keep tabs on – you can manage your Instagram app to notify you should these people post. If you have turned on post notifications on certain people, you are automatically notified of their activities.

You can do this by going to the specific person’s profile. Find the three dots on the upper right-hand corner, then once you click on it, find the option “Turn on Post Notifications”. Activate that option, and voila – you’ll be the first to know when that specific person does something to update their profiles.

3. You can control commenting restrictions in your post

One of the most common features of any social media app is the commenting box. It’s a great way to know what the people around you think and you can engage with them in friendly banter. If you are posting something that’s controversial though – or at least you know that will stir some emotions – you can control commenting restrictions on it. 

You can opt for hiding comments which may read inappropriate by clicking on the “Hide Inappropriate Comments” option. You also have the option to list down some trigger words that you don’t want to see, save them on the app’s settings, and let Instagram manage those words for you. You’ll never have to see them again in your comments section!

4. You can add special fonts to your bio

You’ve seen this before on some profiles – different-looking fonts on their bio. If you want to be a part of this bandwagon, all you need to do is go to LingoJam. Copy and paste your bio on the site, then watch it transform into a bevy of different fonts you can choose from. Select the best one that you prefer, copy it, then go back to your Instagram account and “Edit Profile”. Paste the text in your bio, and that’s it!

5. On a vacation? You can browse by location for posts to know how the locals live their lives

Every Instagram user posts vacation photos in their profile. With more and more travel blogs as well as niche and specialty products marketing their wares on the app, it’s important to curate what you want to see on the app for yourself. 

Ever wondered what the locals do, where they eat, and what’s cool for them when you’re on vacation? Well, with Instagram’s browsing mode for a specific location, you can easily see the majority of popular posts around the area – perfect for when you’re searching for the next fun thing to do!


Becoming an Instagram power user doesn’t mean you are an expert when it comes to tips and tricks regarding the app. It just means you know enough of it that caters to your personal taste of use. Lots of people use the app differently, that’s why it’s important to focus on the things that you need from the app. With the tricks listed above, you’d surely become a power user in no time.


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