5 Tips for Buying the Perfect Bedding Set

Does your bedroom need sprucing up? The easiest way to make an attractive visual change to your bedroom is to purchase a new bedding set. Here are 5 quick tips to selecting the perfect bedding set.

#1  What’s your Style?

The first place to start when selecting your new bedding set is to decide on the style that suits your bedroom and the theme of your home. Choosing the color scheme is secondary, the primary factor that determines how your bedding looks and feels is the style.

Would you prefer something contemporary to suit your modern lifestyle? Or would you need something classic to round out the room?


#2 Inspiration Matters

Use your computer to get inspired when selecting the style and color scheme of your new bedding set. Sites such as Pinterest allow you to create a board that you can use to experiment with different colors and styles.

If you aren’t the tech type, then grab a few color swatches from your local bedding supplier and compare them to uncover which color and style work for your bedroom. Taking your time in selecting the right color scheme will prevent you having to go back to the retailer and exchange your bedding for another color scheme.

#3 Color schemes – Patterned or Solid?

Once you have selected your preferred colors, it’s time to decide on patterns. Solid colors tend to lean towards a cleaner look and give a luxurious feel. It’s easy to understand why the world’s finest hotels use a solid color scheme in all of their bedding. For an amazing effect, layer the color tones to create a stunning visual.

If you are looking for something different, then consider a bedding pattern that extends through your duvet cover and pillowcases. Patterns allow you to accentuate other colors in the room, adding in small amounts of color to enhance the rooms styling.

You have a myriad of patterns to choose from, traditional lines, floral designs and checks all have their own individual styling properties. Select the solid color or pattern that suits your tastes.

#4 Selecting your Ideal Fabric

Choose your fabric to complement your bedroom’s styling. Would you room best suit a formal sheen? Or would you prefer a matte finish on your fabric? Cotton, velvet, silk, what suits your style? Check out the options available in textured monochromatic patterns as well.

Selecting the right fabric is all about choosing what feels best against your skin. High thread counts will suit colder climates, while lower thread counts provide a light, airy feeling that is great for the summer, or tropical climates.

#5 Quality is Essential

Your bedding is important. We spend almost a third of our lives under the covers, so treat yourself and don’t skimp out on your bedding. The most important factor of all is selecting a brand of bedding that is synonymous with quality.

Choose Vaulia for your bedding requirements. With a full range of exquisite patterns, colors, and fabrics, there is something to suit your bedroom styling.


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