5 Tips on How to Host the Holidays Like a Design Expert

According to many design experts, holiday entertaining should seem effortless. When you keep things simple, you will be able to focus on creating a memorable day and enjoy the evening with your family and friends. After all, this is what holiday festivities are all about. Mypaperwriter.com has some great articles on tips on how to host the holidays like a design expert. 

Holidays are different from any other time of the year because of the sparkle, at least according to Bunny Williams, who is a celebrated interior design expert. The holidays compel people to use items with more glamour and put on their party garb. The festive cheer, glittering candlelight, champagne, goodwill, and more transform holidays into magical moments that people embrace.

Most things in a holiday design, therefore, should have some sort of shine and shimmer, such as the greenery, pagodas, decorated trees, and other things. The added sparkle gives spaces a more festive and holiday feel. From formal holiday gatherings to more casual affairs, you can perfect the dining table, décor, menu, and more, even if hosting is something new to you. 

When many people hear the term holiday entertaining, two different images come to mind. The first one is the image of a group of people gathered around a comfortable setting enjoying great food and good wine as they swap entertaining stories. The second image is that of a stressed host trying to set out beautiful décor, food, and drinks before the guests start arriving. 

You need to understand that hosting a holiday event is not so much about impressing other people. Rather, it is about creating a comfortable and welcoming environment and atmosphere that will help you and your guests feel relaxed enough to enjoy the great good, pleasant banter, drinks, and, more importantly, develop lasting relationships and connections. 

When you understand this fundamental concept, everything will cease feeling so difficult. It is one of the most important tips on how to host the holidays like a design expert. If you are hosting an upcoming holiday event that you want to be special but not particularly difficult, the following ideas will help you make it a delicious, flawless, stress-free, and unforgettable soiree:

  1. Plan your Menu Ahead of Time

According to Sarah Wrenn, an entertaining expert, the perfect holiday menu should have a mix of both low and high foods, such as champagne and flatbreads, or grilled cheese and oysters. Do not make your menu too stressful or fussy; instead, simply make it good. Better yet, make it a reflection of your favorite foods or recipes. 

  1. Outsource Some of the Difficult Tasks

No one said that you have to do everything on your own. Sharing some tasks, such as cooking, will take some anxiety and stress off your shoulders, or in this case, off your plate. Consequently, you will be a more entertaining host.

  1. Use Some ‘WOW’ Elements

The way you set your dining table, and the incorporation of various festive elements can help emphasize different holiday festivities. For example, you can add some greenery, such as fir, cedar, or pine, into the table setting, which will create a beautiful, simple, and traditional centerpiece.

  1. Avoid the Cocktail Shaker

Setting up a self-serve bar is a great idea when it comes to hosting a holiday party. If you prepare a batched cocktail bar prior to the arrival of your guests, you will not have to run around fulfilling the drinking needs of your guests at the moment. The frozen whiskey sours suggested by Julia Reed are a great idea as well. 

  1. Maintain Perspective

Many hosts often go through some overwhelming moments. Whenever you experience such moments, you should slow down and think about the purpose of the gathering. A holiday gathering, basically, is a get-together of family and friends; therefore, you need to stop worrying about little things and look at the bigger picture. This should help you maintain perspective and stay grounded. Hosting a holiday party or gathering, however, does not have to be stressful and/or difficult. Anyone can throw a stress-free and perfect holiday celebration. According to Camille Styles, holiday entertaining comes with tons of practical challenges; however, the biggest challenge for most people is their mindset.


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