5 Trendy Shower Screen Styles for the Modern Bathroom

Shower screens are a great way to enclose a shower and keep water from getting all over the bathroom. These are used for standalone showers, as well as for showers that have bathtubs attached. There are quite a few different types of shower screens available, and there are several trends that have been showing up time and again with these screens. Let’s get a closer look at them.

Black Trim

You will find that many of the shower screens feature chrome trim. This is a popular option, and it can be a good choice for those who are looking for a traditional style. After all, many bathrooms will have mirrors that might have a similar trim or even faucets in chrome. However, chrome is not the only colour choice. You can also opt for black, which can be a nice modern touch. It can work quite well with many different types of décor.

Frosted Glass and Other Types of Glass

contemporary bathroom with round mirror and LED lights

The glass that is used in the shower screen does not have to be clear and entirely see-through. In fact, it has become quite popular to choose frosted or smoked glass, for example. This not only adds to the overall aesthetic style of the screen, but it also adds some additional privacy for you. It could be a nice option if you have been thinking about getting a shower screen.

Stylistic Frames

Many of the shower screens will have a frame that goes around the screen’s outer edge to encompass a large piece of glass. However, there are other options for framing, as well. There are frames that have additional framing elements. This ensures that the frame itself is nice and strong, and it also happens to add some more style to the frame.


There are also those who choose to have various designs places onto the glass. This can be helpful for a couple of reasons. Similar to the frosted glass, the designs can add some extra style to the shower screen, and it can also add some additional privacy to the glass.

Frameless and Semi-Frameless

While frames are certainly a popular option, they are not the only option. Many today are instead opting for shower screens that are either frameless or semi-frameless. The frameless shower screens will use heavier glass, which is why they will not need to have a frame. They have a nice and sleek, modern style. The semi-frameless shower screens are a nice mix between framed and frameless that is stylish and functional.  

Given the number of different types and options of shower screens that are available, it should be possible for you to find something that will work quite well for your aesthetic style. When you are choosing a shower screen, you will want to make sure that you find an option that will fit your shower whether you have a corner entry or a full-sized shower. Make sure it fits your practical needs, as well as your aesthetic needs. 


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