5 Warning Signs that You Need Professional Oven Repairs

Your oven is an important appliance. When it isn’t working as it should, it can prove to be difficult. Fortunately, you can call a professional electrician or appliance repair specialist to assist with all your oven repairs, no matter how big or small they might be. Before you dive in, however, it could help to know what to expect and what to look for so that you can make the right choice about your next course of action.

If your oven isn’t acting right, it might be time to call for help. Here are some warning signs to look for:

  • Electrical Issues

If you have an electric range, any electrical issues with the oven may require the assistance of a professional. For example, if your heating element is shorted out or the electronic control panel is no longer operable, the potential issues are far too complex for the average homeowner. Therefore, you’ll want to call a professional and let them fix the problem. They may even be able to tell you if it’s time to replace the oven rather than repair it.

  • Gas Smell

For those who have natural gas or other gas stoves, smelling gas is always a bad sign. If you smell gas, you should shut off the appliance and the gas line going to the appliance immediately. Air out the house and make sure that the smell dissipates and there isn’t an ongoing leak. Then, call a qualified electrician or appliance repair specialist to check the gas lines and ensure that everything is in good working order.

  • Improper Cook Times or Temperatures

One sure-fire sign that your oven needs a little TLC is when it starts cooking incorrectly. Whether it results in a change in cook times or the temperatures at which you cook, it’s going to point to a need for repair or service. In electric ovens, this could be a sign that the heating element is going bad. In gas ovens, it may mean that the ignition needs replaced, for example. That’s why you need to call a professional—there could be any number of causes to this type of problem.

  • Burner Or Cooktop Issues

If your burners quit working entirely or the cooktop just acts up, it might be best to call a professional. For example, if you have a burner that isn’t heating evenly or that can’t maintain temperature, you might have a short or wiring issue. Because these are such complex appliances, it’s always best to hire someone for the job.

  • Oven Door Won’t Close

It might sound like a more basic issue, but it’s one that affects the performance of your oven. If the door won’t close properly, it could need new springs or hinges. When the door is left unsealed, the temperature won’t hold in the oven and you won’t be able to cook things accurately and well. Call an electrician or appliance repair pro to get your door fixed right away.

Oven repairs aren’t something that you should tackle on your own. If you’re experiencing anything on this list or any other issues, call an electrician now.


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