5 ways to improve your commercial kitchen

A commercial kitchen will undergo heavy use during its lifetime and needs to be regularly maintained and cleaned.

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Whether you run a kitchen in a café, restaurant, hotel or municipal building, there are always things that can be done to improve the and efficiency of the kitchen. Read on to discover five ways you can improve your commercial kitchen.

Upgrade your equipment

The market for commercial restaurant equipment is very active with new brands and items added all the time. We recommend you look at upgrading the essential elements of your kitchen every few years. A commercial kitchen is used constantly for many hours a day and subjected to far more wear and tear than a regular domestic kitchen, so appliances such as fridges, ovens, and grills – as well as work surfaces and utensils -will not only become outdated but will need replacing regularly. Stay up to date with new products on the markets and keep an eye out for great deals. 

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Redesign the layout of your kitchen

If you look at current kitchen design trends, you may get some inspiration for a new kitchen design. It could be that you have inherited a kitchen in which the layout is not ideal for the current user. In this case, rearranging the kitchen for better ergonomics and workflow may be a good idea, and there is no better time than the present to do so. If you are buying new items in order to upgrade equipment, then it’s the perfect time to change the layout of your kitchen and make it a more efficient space.

Fit better lighting

Lighting options are constantly changing, and it could be that your kitchen still has old-style fluorescent lights that are far from efficient. We recommend that you include modern LED lighting in your design. LED lighting emits very little. This not only makes them more energy-efficient but also perfect for a commercial kitchen which is already a very hot environment. Ensure that you position your LED lighting to give you the best effect for comfortable working practices.

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Give it a makeover

There’s a lot to be said for modern furniture design in a commercial kitchen, so if you’re going to upgrade, why not give your kitchen a complete makeover? Include new and more durable worktops, perhaps in a different color scheme. Walls will likely need repainting anyway and new resting places and cupboards can give your kitchen a fresh look. This can all be done quite cheaply given how competitive the market is. You can find some excellent deals if you shop around. A fresh, newly decorated kitchen is always better to work in than an aging and tired one. 

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Improve ventilation

Ventilation in the form of vents and fans is essential in a commercial kitchen. Better ventilation options are constantly added to the market. More energy-efficient appliances can improve ventilation in the kitchen, Ventilation is integral to the design of a functional commercial kitchen.


A commercial kitchen is a hub of activity, so make it a safe one by combining practicality with effective design and more efficient equipment. Your kitchen team will be happier in a more productive and efficient workplace. 


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