5 Ways to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

Creating a luxurious look for your home does not need to come at a high cost. Using timeless classic pieces will go a long way to making your home’s interior design look and feel expensive without breaking the bank. 

Here are five ways to make your home look more expensive:

1. Create Styled Vignettes

Styled vignettes are a great way of creating an elegant look for a space especially when you are working within a budget and can only use existing furniture. The secret to successfully styled vignettes is to avoid throwing in furniture together and arrange them thoughtfully instead. 

Console tables, bookshelves, contemporary bookcase, mantels and coffee tables are critical areas that you need to focus on. For example, when arranging bookshelves, you should arrange books vertically and horizontally while layering in accessories such as photo frames, small floral displays, and decorative objects.

For mantels, arrange the items in symmetry to create a balanced display. Avoid cluttering coffee tables, and choose a few objects that complement each other and have contrasting shapes.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you achieve a space that comes across as well thought out. 

Here are additional tips to help you pull out styled vignettes:

  • Arrange items in threes and fives. 

This arrangement helps you achieve symmetry effortlessly.

  • Add material with different textures. 

Decorate with items made of glass, wood, metal, or paper to add more variety to a room.

  • Layer items that have different sizes and shapes. 

Start with taller items at the back and use smaller items as you work your way forward.

2. Use Area Rugs

An area rug anchors a room’s design pieces to create a cohesive look. It can also transform a room into a more elegant and inviting space. Choose an area rug that complements your room’s overall colour palette and durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic. 

Here are different ways you can use an area rug to create an elegant space that you will love: 

  • Define a Space: Use area rugs to define areas such as the dining room or foyer. A good rule of thumb is that you should place all the furniture on top of a rug, or at least put the front legs of the furniture on top. 
  • Create Harmony: Make sure your area rug blends with the rest of your room’s decor. An area rug with too many patterns can ruin the cohesive interior design that you want to achieve.
  • Create Variety: A great way to add variety to a room’s design is to combine two rugs of different sizes in one space. Remember that when mixing and matching area rugs, their colours should go along with the room’s colours so that you maintain a cohesive look. 
  • Use it as a Wall Hanging: Some area rugs are so beautiful that they deserve to have a spot on the wall. Instead of spreading an area rug on the floor, hang it on your wall to create a focal point. 
  • Plain-Coloured Rug: If your room has patterned wallpaper or upholstery, use a plain-coloured rug so that your eyes have something to rest on. On the other hand, if your room’s walls are too plain, an area rug with an interesting pattern or bold colours will add life to it. Always keep it in mind that having the right contrast will make your room decor more visually appealing. 

3. Layer Lighting Fixtures

Instead of lighting a space with one overhead fixture, layer your lighting using lamps with different heights to give it a more cosy and elegant feel. Lighting a space from different angles and heights will also create a cohesive and functional lightscape. A few ways to do this is by using matching lamps on a console table or having a floor lamp by an armchair. 

Task lighting is more specialised and can be used in any room; however, it is not designed for illuminating an entire space. In this case, you will need to measure the square footage of a room’s area and multiply it by 50 to find out the minimum lumen level that you will need to have adequate lighting.  

4. Install a Video Wall

A video wall is a great addition to a modern home. It is a simple and elegant way of turning your living space into a suitable venue for hosting parties or other events. Since video walls appeal to different types of people, you can use it as a large screen for a classy movie night or as a wall to display digital artwork. Whatever you do with your video wall, your guests will find it impressive. 

The digital screens for video wall hardware come in different shapes, sizes, and forms. Some video walls work as display screens while others come with touchscreen technology. One benefit of using video wall screens to decorate a space is that you do not have to worry about additional decoration. A video wall is already a statement piece that will transform any room in your home. 

5. Use Antiques to Accentuate a Space

A lovely antique piece gives a space a sense of history and elegance. It has a patina that is difficult to recreate when using modern decorating accessories. 

Large antique items like mirrors, lamps, and pieces of furniture are great for adding elegance to any room in your home. On the other hand, small accessories like sculptural wall sconces and picture frames give a distinct quality to a room, making it seem more expensive.


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