5 Ways To Prevent An Infestation In The Workplace

Anyone who has shared office space with others has experienced this at least once during their working relationships. While everyone gets along, the caveat is that the office is too comfortable and the habits that might be fine at home interfere with keeping the office clean. Worse yet, these habits have created infestations of a variety of pests.

Most buildings have a process for taking care of infestations, as most companies contract with commercial pest control services to make sure their buildings are pest-free. In the meantime, office workers can be proactive in their own daily habits in preventing unwanted intruders from showing up at the office. In fact, employees can pretty much develop a program for making sure that the office remains free from pests and rodents, and by doing so, can guarantee that when pest control comes it is for routine visits.

Keep reading to learn a few simple ways to decrease the incidence of infestations in the workspace.

Do Not Invite Pests In

Depending on the workplace location, animals that are a part of the scenery make for an attractive work location. While the temptation might be to feed the animals by placing bird feeders and food in areas outside the office, this can also attract bugs to the building. Not only does discarded food make for a messy appearance around window and doorways, but they can also lead to ant and roach infestations in the workspace.

Avoid Eating At Your Desk

The inclination is to eat at your desk, especially when work piles up, but eating at your desk also attracts unwanted attention from pests. Very few people can eat at their desk without spilling crumbs or leaving remains on the desk. If the office is shared, other people are affected by the food debris left on the table.

Later on, though, when everyone has left the office, pests might find your desk and the remains of your lunch very attractive. The worst thing is to come into work the next morning to find a host of ants making their way around your desk. The best remedy is to get out of the office for lunch and a few moments to yourself, whether it is to go outside or to eat in a designated lounge.  

Do Not Dump Rubbish In Workspace Bins

Another way that pests can find their way into the office is when employees dump rubbish in bins that are a part of the workspace. Dry food can be swept up, but drinks and wet foods that have heavy sauces and gravies can be attractive to rodents. If there is a lounge or a dining area to dump food, use these rubbish bins because maintenance staff will come around a few times a day to change the rubbish while the food remains might stay in your office rubbish bin all day long.

Keep The Lounge And Refrigerator Clean

While the lounge is the designated place to eat, sometimes inconsiderate coworkers leave dirty dishes and rubbish in the sink. The refrigerator is another place that can attract bugs if not cleaned routinely, especially getting under the appliance where pests hide. Professionals only need to keep it simple and clean up after they have finished eating.

Keep Walkways And Windows Clear

If your business is a small one, consider keeping walkways and windows clear of debris and bushes. These areas are great hiding places for rodents and other pests, and while they might not necessarily create an infestation, they can be a nuisance. Potentially, they can be dangerous too if attracting poisonous pests.

Consideration In The Workplace

Everyone can do their part to pitch in to keep the workspace debris-free. Whether this means moving lunch to a more appropriate location and discarding rubbish in designated rubbish bins so as not to invite pests to lunch, your office can reduce the incidence of pest infestation through these simple tasks. Ultimately, you can reduce infestations by being considerate of your co-workers and remembering to clean up after eating and in general.


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