5 Ways to Use Solar Lights in Your Home Décor

The appeal of solar-powered homes has grown in recent years. While some people invest in solar panels, others prefer to find smaller ways to work green energy into their living space. There are many ways to do this, partly because today’s lights come in so many different styles. Connect Electric wants to share some easy solar home décor ideas that you can try today.

  • Solar Light Mason Jars

Mason jars are a timeless favorite when it comes to rustic chic decor. They are also extremely easy to make and use. All you need is the mason jar, its lid, and solar lights. 

You can customize your jars by choosing a different type of light. You can keep it simple with a solar votive or tealight flameless candle. Or you can buy Mason jar solar lanterns that include string lights. These have a cell built into the lid that gathers sunlight to power the bulbs. Place on picnic tables, windowsills, or any surface that could use a little light.

  • Solar Wind Chime Light

Solar wind chimes are another option that comes in a wide variety of styles. There are colorful arrangements with big glowing orbs or contemporary styles with spirals surrounding a single light. 

Others include hanging moons and stars, or more traditional designs with a lantern on top and the chimes below.

  • Solar Powered Wall Clock

If you prefer practical décor, consider adding a solar wall clock. Some have illuminated faces while others feature unique designs. You should hang your clock in a place where it can get as much sunlight as possible, preferably near a window. This will ensure that it continues running 24 hours a day.

You can display your clock in rooms with windows if you would like to use one indoors. Some models are made specifically for outdoor use, so you can hang them on a porch, fence, or next to the patio.

  • Solar Light Statues

Add style to your garden with solar light statues. There’s something for every taste. Some include comical woodland creatures with oversized solar light eyes. Others feature figures holding lanterns that really light up. There are fairies with glowing orbs or designs that include other illuminated components. 

These make a great accent piece when used with stake lights or other outdoor lighting. Display a large statue as a focal point or multiple smaller pieces around the yard to match a theme or décor style.

  • Other Solar Home Decor

Other solar home décor is available to add a touch of personality to your outdoor space. Add glowing bees to gardens or miniature single-bulb umbrella string lights. You can even find planters in multiple sizes that glow in orange, pink, purple, and blue.

Before you begin decorating, you should have an idea of what kind of style and atmosphere you would like to create. This will help you choose shapes, colors, and the quantity of solar lights needed. If you have questions about solar power at home, let Connect Electric know. We can help you find solutions that will make your home cozy and bright!


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