5 Window Treatments to Modernize Your Living Space

            The great thing about interior design is that it doesn’t require a complete overhaul of your house. You can make a few strategic tweaks, and voila, your home looks transformed. One of the most effective tweaks is window treatments. They enhance the natural attributes of a room, alter the ambience, and add a touch of modernity to a home. No couch or coffee table can makeover a room quite like blinds and shades can. Whether you are looking to transform an old or new space into a modern haven, look no further than these blinds and shades styles to modernize your living space.

  1. Motorized Roller Shades

            Interior designer Jenny J Norris suggests that, if you want to go more modern, it’s best not to over treat a window. Pleats, creases, and slats found on most window treatments can be bulky and distracting. In fact, too many bells and whistles can look dated. Instead, opt for roller shades in a single color of sheet fabric. That way, it looks sleek rather than fussy. 

            Roller shades automatically revive a room with their clean, contemporary lines. Now add an automatic feature with motorized roller shades, and you’ve got yourself a modern masterpiece. Motorized shades are undeniably easy. By removing any dangling cords, the shades look more symmetrical. Plus, you don’t have to worry about sloppy, tangled cords every time you want to close the shades. 

  • Shutters

            You may be thinking, “Shutters? Really?” Shutters seem like a counterintuitive choice when it comes to modern window treatments? However, there are dozens of modern shutter designs that reject their traditional southern stereotype.  

            The newer designs of shutters are compact and tailored. The result? Practical yet eye catching. They provide more privacy than other window treatment options such as curtains and open weave shades. Plus, they have an added versatility factor since they can be installed inside or outside of the house. If you’re looking for window treatments that make a statement, shutters are the way to go. Their clean cut edges and angular structure can modernize even the most outdated of homes.

  • Venetian Blinds

Despite being one of the most traditional options, blinds are also the most timeless. Thanks to their long, sturdy slats, blinds naturally have an angular feel to them. This helps add organized texture to an otherwise plain space. Plus, the symmetry of the blinds balances a room.

Blinds can also make a room feel more spacious. Vertical blinds make short rooms feel taller while horizontal blinds add depth. Ultimately, this roominess plays a role in how modern and bright your house feels.    

  • Transitional Shades

            Transitional shades are a clever hybrid of blinds and shades. They resemble shades when their fabric slats are tilted closed, yet they filter light like blinds when titled open. Like blinds, they have the potential to add angularity and balance. Like shades, though, they can offer a consistent sheet of coverage.

            What makes transitional shades feel so modern is their unique material. They are made of slats of taut fabric rather than the hard wood or aluminum that you would typically blinds made of. This clever combination provides the best of both worlds for users. In addition, transitional shades are fairly uncommon. This automatically makes them seem new and innovative when placed in a home. 

  • Dark Colored Cellular Shades

            Eggshell and off-white honeycomb shades can feel outdated. But cellular shades in sleek black or charcoal looks sophisticated and refined. There is an added element of mystery to dark shades, perhaps due to their added privacy. They also contribute just enough contrast to make a statement.

Maybe you want to modernize, but you’re scared to stray too far from the classics. If that’s the case, dark colored cellular shades are just as practical and versatile as they’ve always been — just in a sleeker shade. 

The perk of letting window treatments do the work for you is that you don’t have to own an art deco house to have modern interior design. Updated window treatments can transform your living space. They can help revamp even the most outdated of homes.


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