6 Awesome Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Are you looking to create a cozy master bathroom retreat? Have you been longing for a luxurious space to relax after a long day? Maybe you want to impress guests with a stunning half bathroom.

Either way, bathroom renovations are a great way to upgrade your existing space. You can do everything from making small changes to completing total transformations. Regardless of your tastes, you can create the perfect space that fits both your needs and your style. 

From floor to ceiling, there are some amazing projects to create an awesome bathroom! You can add function and elevate your space. With a little creativity, you can design and a renovation builder you can build a bathroom you adore.

  1. Creating a Cozy Retreat

Oftentimes, bathrooms can feel sterile and cold. Adding features that make it cozy and comfortable can add character and make it more welcoming. These small changes can go along way in creating warmth in your bathroom.

In a room full of porcelain and metal, wood features give off a pleasant, rustic vibe. A wood-planked or shiplap accent wall can add a ton of charm. Adding wood wainscoting halfway up the walls can make your bathroom feel polished and custom.

Bathrooms are a great opportunity to use your favorite dark shade of paint or wallpaper. The look can be stunning and dramatic. This is especially true in a half bathroom that doesn’t need ample light for shaving or applying makeup.

  1. A Spacious Shower

A spacious shower is a great use of space. Consider how you can transform your bathroom to have the shower of your dreams. You may have room to expand your shower, or you may need to reconfigure your bathroom set up to accommodate it.

Many homeowners are ditching their bathtubs to make room for a large, luxurious shower. This is a great option that creates tons of extra space. Plus, you likely won’t have to worry about it hurting your home value.

With a larger space, you have access to more shower design choices. Will you install a dual shower? Would you rather opt for a bench for a relaxing shower space? You can also opt for stunning seamless glass shower doors for an open feel.

  1. Stunning Tile Walls

Cleaning the bathroom is often a dreaded task. Tile isn’t just for showers anymore. You can make cleaning much easier by adding easy to wipe down tile to your walls too.

Tiling the walls is a beautiful way to add interest to your bathroom. You can go with a bold, graphic design or keep it simple with neutrals in standard shapes. Creating a pattern like a houndstooth or a chevron is a great way to make your tile walls unique. 

Using larger tiles will make your walls easier to keep clean. They are also trending big at the moment. Sealing your grout can make cleaning easier and prevent staining. 

  1. A Refreshed Vanity

A new vanity can bring new life and function to your bathroom. You can spring for a whole new vanity setup. However, you don’t need to spend big bucks to refresh your vanity.

Many wood vanities can be refinished for a whole new look. The color can be switched up for a complete transformation. Deep-hued colors like navy and hunter green are having a moment for the drama they add to bathroom spaces. New hardware, especially in the super stylish brushed gold, can take your new vanity to a whole new level. 

Your sink top can also be switched out to create an updated vanity. Look for timeless styles in shades of white or greys. Sleek lines and clean shapes will keep your sink from becoming outdated any time soon.

  1. Updated Fixtures

Though they are small, your bathrooms fixtures can have a big impact on your bathroom’s overall feel. Swapping them out is a small renovation that can elevate the whole look. The lighting and faucets you choose are like adding the right jewelry to the outfit that is your bathroom.

Your lighting is important both aesthetically and functionally. For bathrooms used for getting ready for your day, you want bright, natural-looking lighting to do hair and make-up properly. However, you also want this lighting to be attractive too.

Look for overhead vanity lights that provide consistent lighting to the whole vanity. Simple, sleek designs are best for a style that outlasts fading trends. You can also choose sconces that flank the mirror for a classic-high end look.

Your faucets also have the same dual purpose of function and style. Look for ones you love, but also work well. You’ll want them to be high enough over the sink that you can comfortably wash your hands and face.

Keep in mind that you can mix metals. You aren’t necessarily married to the finish you choose for your light fixtures. A sleek gold faucet can still look stunning under a silver light. Black faucets are having a big moment right now for their unique take on modern farmhouse style.

  1. Adding Useful Storage

Many bathrooms are short on storage options. One of the smarted bathroom renovations you can do it adding storage to your space. It will keep your bathroom neat and organized so it can be a peaceful retreat.

Luckily, there are some great options for adding storage to your bathroom. Having a vanity installed with more drawers and cabinets can provide you with a better system to organize small items like toiletries. Adding a small wall with built-in shelves outside of the shower creates the perfect place to store extra towels.  

You can even add a small linen closet to your bathroom if space allows. This allows for some seriously useful storage space. You can store everything from linens to bathroom cleaning products for convenient, easy access. 

A Bathroom Uniquely Yours

From makings small changes like updating lighting, to huge ones like installing floor to ceiling tile, you can truly transform your space. A larger shower can give your bathroom a luxurious feel while adding storage space can add more function. Whether you are looking to create a warm, cozy space or bright, spa-like atmosphere, your bathroom renovations can change the whole mood.

Your bathroom should reflect your individual style and tastes. Your renovations should also be done with your needs and lifestyle in mind. In the end, you’ll create a bathroom that’s perfect for you and as unique as you are.


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