6 Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

Installing new tiles will give your bathroom the appeal it desperately deserves. You don’t have to settle for whatever your local department store has to offer. Lesso Commercial has several tiles to fit all your needs. There are several unique ideas to make your home everything you desire. Here are six of the best tile ideas for your shower.

Create Accent Wall

One of the newest trends is to install an accent wall in the shower area to make it pop. Not enough bathrooms have a unique personality, and this is a nice change of scenery. An accent wall is perfect for a bathroom that has solid colored wall tiles. The accent wall must have a unique style and not simply be another solid color wall.

 Make Tiles in Shower Different than Bathroom Walls

This is like an accent wall, but with the entire shower. This is a great opportunity to show your style and install a unique tile design that reflects your personality. Don’t be afraid to get creative, and try multiple configurations before you apply the tiles for good. This is a great time to switch up tile size and colors to create something that you’ll never see in anyone else’s home.

Tile the Ceiling

Most people who have tile in their shower forget one important area – the ceiling. Tiling your ceiling can add a fresh perspective, and help prevent moisture from soaking into the ceiling. This is the perfect addition for anyone who loves a hot shower with extra steam in the room that you enjoy as you get ready for work.

Use Grout to Add Contrast

When you install tile in your home you need to install grout to secure the tiles in place and prevent water from getting between the tile and the wall. Grout can either blend in with your tile, or you can use it to make the tiles more prominent. When you install dark tiles using a light grout will give your walls a nice contrast of colors.


Marble is one of the most expensive tile materials, but this natural material is much prettier than any synthetic material on the market. The natural contrasting veins in the marble are unique to your home, and cannot be replicated for another home. This rich material will make you feel like a king, and if maintained properly will stay beautiful for many years to come. Marble can run as much as $15 per square foot, so be prepared to pay top dollar.


One of the less common shower ideas is to add real stone accents in with dark grey tiling. Anytime you include a natural material into your home is beautiful. Stone accents are perfect for ledges and sections made to hold soap. The beauty of adding stone is that you can pick any rocks you find aesthetically pleasing. If you enjoy the outdoors, then you can pick up rocks from all your favorite hiking destinations give your shower some natural beauty.


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