6 crazily cheap kitchen design tips

Updating your kitchen doesn’t usually come cheap. However, by sprucing it up and making it look prettier, you can add value to your home. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, especially when you plan on selling it. That isn’t all though; you’ll have a kitchen that you just love spending time in, cooking in, entertaining in, eating in…the list goes on! Here are 6 crazily cheap kitchen design tips for when you’re on a tight budget:

Update Your Hardware


Start by updating your hardware. You have several options here depending on your current style kitchen. One of the cheaper but often overlooked ideas is replacing your old handles and door pulls, which can make such a huge difference to how the whole place looks, and it’ll be much kinder to your wallet than making huge changes.

Other stylistic ideas include incorporating jars, like Kilner jars, into your kitchen display.  Kilner jars are typically used to preserve and store foods. Simply add long life foods such as pasta, rice etc and display them, alternatively you can add food coloring that match the kitchen color palette and you’ve created a new focal point for the feature wall. Other great ideas can be found on the cooksmill blog.

You can buy all types of styles, even kitsch, if you want to. Just be warned that kitsch can get old pretty quickly if you’re not sure that you’re going to love it.

Hang A Pendant Light Up

A pendant light can help to make a statement, and we all know how important lighting is in the kitchen! You need task lighting where you prepare food, so providing you have this in place you can select an awesome pendant light to top things off. Rose Gold is very ‘in’ at the moment, so something like this would look amazing in any kitchen.

Paint Your Cabinets

Why not paint your cabinets instead of replacing them? You could even try a bright color. Citrus colors like orange, green, and yellow can look incredible in the kitchen, as they are so fun and fresh. Don’t be afraid to get a little quirky. Here’s a guide to help you out.

Remove Your Cabinet Doors

If you’d rather not paint your cabinet doors, you could consider taking them off altogether. This will help you to create an overall lighter space, and show off some of your favorite dishes and mugs while you’re at it. If you want your kitchen to look more spacious and open, this could be one way to go.

Paint A Feature Wall

Having a feature wall in the kitchen can add instant interest and personality. Usually, you should select a color that’s at least 2 shades deeper than your main color. You can choose anything you want though, as there are no hard and fast rules. You could even use a suitable wallpaper, or create the feature with your oven backsplash.

Laminate Your Counter Top

Replacing your countertops can be tiring and expensive. Why not just go over them with cheap and cheerful laminate? You can buy laminate that looks much more expensive than it actually is, and it’s really simple to do. You’ll have a far more expensive looking kitchen in no time.

Hopefully, the 6 tips here help you to save an absolute fortune while making your kitchen look amazing. It’s worth bearing in mind that your kitchen appliances make a huge difference too; they are like jewelry for your kitchen. If you can find small appliances in bright colors, or styles that look nice and quirky, incorporate them! You’ll have the best kitchen you’ve ever had in no time, and all for a knockout price.


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