6 Crucial Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting Your Carpet Cleaned

If you were to think about the essential chores needed to maintain a clean house, cleaning your carpets would most likely be pretty far down on that list, if it was even on there at all. However, carpet cleaning is a task of great importance when it comes to the cleanliness of your home. Unfortunately, it’s also the one people most often forget.

Hiring a carpet cleaning service to give your musty carpets a much-needed quick spritz offers several benefits. So with that in mind, here are 6 reasons why you should consider getting your carpet cleaned.

1. Regularly Cleaning Your Carpet Can Increase Its Lifespan

If you want your carpet to last, then regularly cleaning it and making sure it’s free of dirt is the first port of call. Excessive dust and dirt can cause a carpet to lose its softness and become worn over time. This is without even mentioning the numerous spillages that often spell ruin for the flooring in your home.

If you regularly clean your carpet, it can increase its lifespan by a whopping 2-3 years. It will also prevent permanent discoloration.

2. A Clean Carpet Is an Odorless Carpet

Unkempt carpets can become a hive for smelly bacteria and odors, causing invasive smells that can spread around an entire household. This also causes a drop in air quality as dirty carpets can trap pollutants that contaminate the air in your household. Luckily, a quick clean can remedy your carpet of these nasty smells and bacteria. And talking of bacteria…

3. Dirty Carpets Can Be a Breeding Ground for Harmful Bacteria

Mold, bacteria and other fungal baddies can flourish in a dirty carpet, particularly if it’s in a consistently damp environment. This can be a cause for concern when it comes to your health. Dirty carpets can be contributors toward asthma, respiratory problems, fungal infections, and dust mite infestations. Regular cleaning drastically reduces the chances of these health hazards being an issue.

4. Clean Carpets Look Nicer and Are More Pleasant

As surprising as this may be, clean carpets have been shown to boost workers morale in the workplace. It stands to reason that a clean carpet in your home will make the place more pleasant to inhabit.

It’s also rather embarrassing having a dirty carpet if ever you have guests over. People may judge your quality of living by the standard of your carpet. Keeping your carpets clean can help give a positive impression.

5. Cleaning Your Carpet Can Help Maintain Its Warranty

Not many people know that when they buy a carpet, it often comes with a warranty. Even fewer people know that a carpet’s warranty often requires that it be cleaned regularly every 12-18 months.

Maintaining this cleaning schedule means that if your carpet breaks or begins to fall apart, you are more than entitled to act on the warranty and get a replacement.

6. Cleaning Your Carpet Now Can Greatly Benefit Your Home During the Winter Months

During the winter months, we’re more likely to stay inside. A clean carpet can make the rooms in your house feel extra homely. A clean carpet also reduces the chances of catching winter bugs, due to fewer allergens being trapped in your carpet.

Regularly cleaning the carpet also makes it easier to remove stains. This can be essential considering the amount of mud and dirt that gets dragged in towards the end of the year. If you start regularly cleaning your carpet now, you can be prepared for the winter months that are to come because after all, winter is coming.


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