6 Easy Steps To Clean Your House

We all think that cleaning our house is very tiring, very stressful and of course, time-consuming, but there are effective ways to clean fast and proper when it is done with a plan. When you have a plan to clean your house, you can save more time, and your house really becomes spotless. 

Our main goal is to make our house clean and spotless. You don’t clean a house, and you still see dirt or dust or even unarranged things in your house, what’s the point of cleaning if you don’t do it one hundred percent, right? 

We know that a dirty house is very eyesore, but there are more negative effects that you can get from a dirty house. It is also bad for your health, you can get all the bacteria causing illness and even viruses, and dirty places can attract rodents and insects. You can also get illnesses or allergies, and many more. So these are ways to make your home clean. 

One Room After Another

Taking one room after another can help you clean rapidly because you can focus on one task at a time, and you won’t feel overwhelmed with the cleaning that you will do. It’s better to clean one at a time because it’s like doing a task; you should do it step by step and focus on one thing first then move on to the next. If you clean all the rooms at once, then you would really get tired and lost focus on your goal, which is to clean.

If you don’t know which room to start, then start with the room that is most often used, for example, the master bedroom. Focus on top priority rooms and so on. Stop checking emails, social media or even games on your phone. Focus on cleaning your house.

The Kitchen

This is the most important place in your house that always needs to be clean because all your food is stored here. Of course, if your kitchen is dirty then you should assume that your food is also dirty. You don’t want your visitors or even your family to get sick because of the food they eat. 

There is a certain trick in this, clean your mess up as you see them happening. So if you spill something, clean it right away. You should wipe up the top of the stove spills right away and don’t wait for it to harden because it is much harder to clean. Store items properly so rodents can’t reach it and keep everything in place, so it is easier for you to clean. 

Heart Of Your House or The Living Room

The next one is the living room. The most important thing for cleaning your living room is to put things back where they belong and don’t place them in a single place or in plastic storage baskets. Your living room should be clean because it is the heart of your home. So if it is the remote, newspaper stash, put everything back in place. 


Bathrooms always need to be clean and especially sanitized because bathrooms can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria to create more and the effect is an illness. Bathroom and kitchen should be the cleanest in your house, you should be a little extra when cleaning bathrooms. 

Your Bedroom

When it comes to your bedroom, always make and clean your bed because you always want to have order inside your room. Put all the dirty clothes, pants and your briefs in the basket, and don’t let your clean laundry sit for too long. Don’t leave it on the floor because it collects more dust, so minimize the mess inside your bedroom.

Ask Help From Your Family

Ask help from your family members and get everyone involved because everyone would benefit from it. For example, children should be in charge of their own room. This will save time and give detail instructions and if everyone does their task, then reward them also. 


Cleaning your house is a must, always keep track of everything inside your house and always clean your house one at a time to make it fast and it is a better tactic than clean everything at the same time. Remove the negative things inside your house for all of you to feel comfortable. Do this regularly, and as time goes by, it becomes easier and easier.


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