6 Essentials of Pool Maintenance

So you’ve finally invested in an inground pool and now you can enjoy a good summer day in your very home. But an inground pool has to be constantly maintained to keep it clean and free from disease. When it comes to maintenance, it isn’t an easy task and we’re pretty sure you are lost.

Don’t worry though, we have created this guide to help you out. Here are 8 essentials of pool maintenance picked from Maple Pools to help you keep your pool fresh and sparkling at all times.


Get yourself a telescoping pole with a net to capture any debris in the pool. Before you do this, direct the jets towards the downward position to ensure that the ripples don’t keep you from seeing the pool clearly. Skimmer boxes are designed to do most of the work but they don’t always capture everything in the pool.

And if you don’t like manual skimming, you can also invest in an automatic pool cleaner.

Skimmer Boxes

You can have skimmer boxes installed in your pool. Their job is to collect all the floating debris in one place. But you’ll need empty these boxes at least once per week depending on the amount of floating debris collected on the pool. Make sure you dump the collected debris in the box far away from the pool so that they don’t end up in the pool again.


Get yourself an 18’’ nylon brush and use it to clean the inground pool. If you have a concrete inground pool, you can also use a stainless steel brush. Just keep in mind to scrub the oils properly while cleaning over the waterline.


To keep your pool as crystal clear as possible, think about investing in a vacuum cleaner. It can help you keep the water clear, avoid stains, and remove sediment. Make sure to vacuum your pool at least once a week. You may also need to read this vacuuming pool guide for best results.

Clean the Pool’s Filter

Make sure to clean the pump basket at least once a week. But make sure the pump and ball valves are turned off. Keep the filter valve in the closed position as well. Remember to always remove the basket from the pump and dump it somewhere far off. Once the basket has been completely cleaned, put it back in the pump and make sure the lid is tightly secured. Now you can return the valves back to their original states.

Adjusting pH

Get yourself a test kit and run checks on pH levels of the pool at least once a week. If you observe the pH levels to be above 7.6, treat it with muriatic acid. And if the pH is below 7.4, you can use Soda ash instead.

Cleaning an inground pool is a hectic job. But if you have the right tools and knowledge, it is a job that can be done in minutes. 


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