6 Fashion Tips for Men

Over the past decade, men’s fashion has gone through some major highs and some major lows. 

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Now that the 2020s are well underway and life is slowly going back to normal, fashion is going to take center stage again – which means you need to be prepared. It’s time to throw out your old, gray sweatpants and follow these six fashion tips designed specifically for men. Once you’ve read them, you’ll be a changed man.

  1. Wear an awesome watch 

Let’s start with the basics: wear an awesome watch. 

Some guys massively underestimate the effect a watch can have. Just by wearing one, you can take an outfit from a 6/10 to 10/10. Plus, watches are often the first thing that people notice about you. Essentially, they’re a major statement piece, so you must wear a high-quality watch. Don’t worry, you don’t need to splash out on a Rolex – there are plenty of other affordable (and awesome) watches out there for you to buy. Read more about them.

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  1. Stop exposing your ankles! 

Around the mid-2010s, a terrible fashion trend came to life that has still yet to end. That’s right: the no socks with skinny trousers combination. 

For years now, guys have been needlessly exposing their ankles by not wearing socks, and it’s starting to look ridiculous. Instead of exposing your ankles, invest in some nice and comfortable socks. In the long term, you won’t regret it.

Here’s a short guide on how to properly wear socks

  1. Wear complementary colors 

Fashion is all about wearing complementary colors. If your outfit has a mixture of colors that clash with each other, then it’s going to have a bad effect. For example, black and white always go well together, as do blue and gray. Therefore, moving forward, try your best to color-coordinate your outfits so that you always look your best. 

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  1. Shoes define an outfit, so choose carefully

Eminem once said, “I’ve always felt like shoes are 90% of your outfit”, and he was right. 

You could have the most incredible outfit on, but if your shoes don’t do the job, then you’re in trouble. That’s why you should always plan your outfit around your shoes (rather than vice-versa). 

As a man, you can never go wrong with black. Black shoes and sneakers can go with almost any outfit, so if you’re unsure, stick with black. 

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  1. Experiment with different sizes 

You can make lots of cool and creative fashion statements simply by experimenting with different sizes. 

Let’s take denim jackets, for example. Sometimes, denim jackets can look silly when they’re too small, which is why many guys opt to go for the boxy fit. Sure, they’re oversized, but they look awesome. So, bear this in mind when you’re next shopping for new clothes. By going slightly over (or slightly under) your usual size, it can have a positive impact on your body and appearance. 

  1. Don’t be afraid to go retro 

Despite the 80s, 90s, and 2000s being distant memories, the fashion from those periods has lived on. These days, there are thousands of thrift stores around the world that stock shirts, jeans, jackets, and much more from bygone eras that still look amazing now. 

Going retro is always a safe bet, as it’s a guaranteed way to look good. 


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