6 ideas for holiday snaps

You’ve brought back a phone full of photos from your holiday.

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You can’t put all of them on social media or you might get blocked by everyone you know! So why not keep it old school – get them printed, make yourself a cup of coffee or tea and get yourself organised. We’ll show you what you can do with the best shots!

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Sort out the best ones to print

Anyone else take 10 shots of the same thing? No, just us? Well – regardless – those pics will need sorting on your phone. So start by deleting. Select only the absolute best pictures, and delete the rest. Our tip is: if the picture makes you feel a pang of post-holiday blues – it’s a keeper. Look for well lit, well composed snaps – or ones that simply make you feel good. Favourite your… favourites! That way it’ll all be in one handy folder.

Back it up first

Phones aren’t invincible. Get an external drive, cloud or internet storage. Google gives it away for free! That way, not only do you have peace of mind, but you can easily share them with your family if they want to see them. Keep the pictures sorted like a photo album, with simple titles, for example, Holiday 2021 – Italy. You can also add short captions to the photos (think of your grandmother’s beautifully described photo album) to bring back magical moments later.

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Print it out

So, you’ve sorted out which ones you like best. Now, to print them. You can do this online, or in any photo-printing store (even Boots or Superdrug have printing machines!) So where to put them? We love a classic photo album – they sell a variety of sizes and styles. And during long winter evenings, stick them down and caption them. You can make just a simple album, or get really creative with it, including clippings, concert tickets, postcards, and other mementos or keepsakes.

The main event

Did you take a really, really good photo? Perhaps you got a shot that National Geographic would be proud of! If so, then have your photo professionally printed on high quality photo-paper and then add it to your own gallery wall.  Alternatively, make it the main event by printing it onto a canvas & hanging it above the sofa. You can guarantee that no one else will have it in their homes!

In the frame

Photo frames are a must for the best pics. But which to choose? We always think it’s best to go minimalistic, especially if the frame will be amongst others. Large frames, with a small picture surrounded by a mount, looks really professional. Filling the frame exactly with the picture generally only works if you have a frame with a really thick edge – otherwise it can look dated. Statement frames in funky designs or colours are great – just remember to coordinate the frame with the picture inside!

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You can get all sorts of effects printed these days. Polaroid-style prints look great pinned to a wall just as they are, or hung on a nice string like bunting over a desk. We also love home-made collages – get a huge frame (the bigger the better!) and fill it with all your best snaps, cut and arranged so they create one big explosion of fun! A great piece to have in your hallway, or downstairs loo. Guests will certainly admire your creativity!

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