6 less known Wooden Floor Care Tips

The warmth and the inviting look that wooden floors have to offer, influence the overall design and impression of your interiors. However, for ensuring the longevity of the wood floors, regular upkeep is essential. Preserving the shine and minimizing the damage demands more considerable attention in regards to money, time and energy. 

Different types of wood finishes will have different ways to clean wooden floors, but merely a regular dry mopping and vacuum cleaning can restore the quality and sheen for all types. The do-it-yourself trend comes as no surprise due to its ease and efficiency. You will find many household items that can clean as effectively as commercial ones. Better consult Soho House, Greek Street for further guidance on this. 

As you consider ways to maintain the wooden floor in your house, we share with you six useful wooden floor care tips. 

Super Absorbent Mats

These mats take care of your wooden floor like nothing else. While carpets and rugs are no good, the super absorbent mats with stable, rubber backings are the best for your floor. It has the fibres than can absorb moisture to a reasonable extent. On rainy days, these mats take all the water, provided you remove it immediately once it gets soaked. Getting the right type of non-slipping grip for the mats is vital here, 

The right cleaning product

 Although there are no definitive rules but different woods finish demand differential treatments. It is better to listen to the recommendations from the manufacturer. Just avoid using the harsh chemicals to clean any hardwood floor as creates hazing that builds up over six months to a year. 

Timely recoat

As your wooden floor starts to wear down, as it would over time, you need to get the recoat done. Mind you, and it does not involve sanding. Itisust another coat of finish over the top of the floors to bring back the lustre to your flooring. Therefore, the sanding process is not required. It is right as it prolongs the life of the flooring by adding many years of life with an extra layer of protection. 

DIY cleaning products

 These homemade wood floor cleaners are an excellent choice to exercise provided you are aware of what is right. The common ingredients are

· Water, preferably lukewarm

· Essential oils including vegetable oils

· Vinegar

· Plant-based liquid soap

· Teabags

· Lemon juice

· Olive oil

· Dish detergent etc

All that you need to remember is to mix it in the right proportion and as per the specific requirements of your wood flooring type. 

Vacuuming Regularly

It is the key to maintain your wooden floor. Debris is harmful to your wood in more ways than one. Even the slightest piece of debris can ruin or scratch your surface, as it works like sandpaper on the bottom of your shoe. Vacuum your floor regularly and sweep daily, if possible. The brushes should roll to avoid scratching on the surface. Strong suction is helpful as it sucks the dust and debris in the cracks and crevices. 

The Warning Signs

It will an essential step towards ensuring that your wooden floor remains in prime condition for long. Know the environment that surrounds your floor as humidity and temperature significantly affects it. As it may be out of control, it is better to be aware of the warning signs. Being a natural product, it will tell you when it needs extra care. Start by eliminating the source of water and also the exceedingly dry conditions. 

Therefore, regular cleaning, upkeep and knowing what and when to use remains the key for your shiny wooden floors.


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