6 Luxury Features That Bring Value to Homes

When you consider luxury and design, it can often cause you to think of aesthetic value alone.

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When we look at photos of eye-catching mansions, our eyes tend to focus mostly on the aesthetic allure of the rooms and all their details. However, there is more to luxury interior design than expensive materials and modern furniture. When renovating your home or designing a space for a client, there are several luxury amenities that bring true value to the inhabitants. When considering any type of upgrade to a space, the real luxury comes from the convenience and comfort it provides. Below are five home amenities that are both striking and beneficial.

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A Home Lift

Having superior-quality domestic lifts can elevate any space to feel more modern and luxurious. They are able to be adapted to even small homes and stylized in a variety of colors and finishes. From sleek and modern glass lifts to traditional wood and metal cabs, there is a look for every taste.

Smart Ovens and Stoves

Rather than think of looks alone, a kitchen renovation should optimize the space for easy cooking. Smart ovens and stoves include features such as automatic presets, Wi-Fi connectivity and the ability to cook multiple food at different temperatures simultaneously. The additional range of colors and finishes make it easy for anyone to integrate their new smart home technology into their existing design.

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A Steam Room

After a long day, relaxing in the sauna helps many people ease tension and unwind. A personal steam room can transform a master bathroom into a luxurious spa experience. They needn’t be enormous nor overdone to be effective. Because they are designed for use in the home, personal steam rooms are able to be smaller for only one or two people but still indulgent.

Heated Flooring

Few things are as annoying as waking up in the morning and stepping on cold floors. In addition to providing greater insulation, heated floors offer greater comfort year-round. Radiant flooring can be done in a variety of materials because the technology itself is installed beneath the boards or tiles and either electricity or warm water can be used to heat the floors. This feature is especially luxurious when installed in master suites and bathrooms.

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Finished Basements

While not all homes have basements, many that do often leave theirs unfinished and unappealing. By renovating the basement to include all the furnishings of the main level, homeowners gain access to a world of opportunity. Basements can become guest apartments, extended dwellings or even incorporate features like a gym or home cinema. Additional amenities to include in a finished basement are a full bathroom, kitchenette and laundry room.

Outdoor Kitchen

Grilling is a favorite family activity that can be enhanced tenfold with the installation of a complete outdoor kitchen. With an outdoor grill or range, you can take garden parties to a new level. With a bar, wine cooler or built-in mini refrigerator, you can make your kitchen look expensive, and there are many ways to customize your backyard and make your outdoor kitchen feel like a true extension of the home.


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