6 Rules Of Thumb for Arranging Furniture

Decorating a home has many perks and pitfalls, but arranging your furniture can turn into a real struggle. It doesn’t matter how amazing your pieces are when the flow of your home feels awkward. Many people depend on their intuition to determine the right spot for their appliances. This strategy, however, doesn’t guarantee a sure success. Unless you are an interior designer or have a talent for visualizing how an object will look in a space, you can take advantage of a couple of simple tricks.

6 Rules Of Thumb For Arranging Furniture1
1. Consider the Room’s Context
Before mindlessly filling the room with items, think how you are going to use the place. Consider also the day – to – day domestic cleaning. List all the activities that may take place in there and then write down all the furniture and electric devices you are adding. In order to create functional design, you should establish relationship between items and tasks.6 Rules Of Thumb For Arranging Furniture2
2. Mind the Floor Plan
Create an efficient layout, with a natural flow. You need to move freely around the room without having stuff on your way. Every good design has a focal and a centre point. The first is the eye –catching element in the room. It can be anything from a fireplace or a window with a great view to an interesting art piece. The centre point is the spot around which you will arrange the rest of your items. It shouldn’t be necessary in the middle of the room, but this is the case in many homes. For example the centre point in your living room is the coffee table, while in the bedroom is your bed.
3. Prioritize
Place the bulky furniture first. This is a no – brainer, but it bears repeating. The larger pieces should face the focal point. When designing a living room, establish a conversation zone. The chairs should not be more than 8 feet apart to make the communication easy.
4. Make it Dynamic
It’s not recommended to putt the furniture near the wall, especially if you live in a small place. The best way to jazz up the decor is by placing the furniture on the diagonal adds contrast and excitement. The strategy is also practical when it comes to cleaning. Test how it will look if your leave one of the walls free of furniture.
Avoid the static decor by taking advantage of the triangulation principles. Group your furniture in three to create a sense of harmony.
5. Get the Scale and Proportion Right
There is nothing worse than furniture that stands out as too big or too small. The size of your furniture depends on how much available space you have. Don’t be afraid to use large furnishing in a limited space. It will make the place visually more spacious. Have pieces in various sizes to achieve contrast. However the items should be proportionate to one another.
6. Create Depth
The colour and the material of the furniture play huge role in the decor. Pick appliances that look and feel good at the same time. When shopping upholstered furniture, think about the basic maintenance and cleaning. The details are just as important as the position of the furniture. For more cleaning ideas visit: one off cleaning service Chelsea.


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