6 Stylish Wall Art Ideas for a Beautiful Home

Adding pieces of decorative art to the walls of your house can be one of the most exhilarating experiences.

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You can add pictures, paintings, or simply stick out an accent wall in your bedroom to break the monotony of single-color paint throughout the house. A wall art decor gives you that taste of color you desire for, creating a comfortable and luxurious atmosphere in your home. This article outlines seven simple tricks you can apply to help you transform your house into the stylish home you long for. 


Colorful Crafts

These are one of the simplest DIY wall arts to apply in your home. It’s also good for a start if you don’t have a vivid idea of how to enhance your walls. Simply visit the nearest stationery store and buy as many crayons, paint, and watercolors, then get a canvas or a whiteboard background for coloring. You’ll be stunned at how the variety of colors embellish your walls. 

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Hanging Fabrics

If you walked down the street and got a vintage fabric carpet, curtain, or whichever cloth you relish, hang it on one of your walls to complement your house decor. If you also have a rug that’s too beautiful to sell, repurpose it and make it part of your wall art. 


Porcelain Gallery

Do you have a whole set or collection of antique or vintage china that you’re so reluctant to use for dining? Well, take them and put them up to your wall so you can enjoy the classical tinge the decor radiates. If you don’t classical or expensive type of plates, don’t worry. Just get into your kitchen, pick out the best plates then create a custom design or pattern to use for mounting the plates on your walls.

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Children’s Art 

One of the best activities children engage in while growing is painting. Some even grow up to become professional artists and skilled sculptors. You can decorate their rooms by taking their best paint pieces, frame them, and hang them on their bedroom walls. This not only looks great but will also keep your children proud of their work and memories. 

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Maps of your favorite places 

If you love traveling or simply love the idea of geography, incorporate colorful maps of your favorite places and hang them across the wall in your bedroom. Create a gallery wall that includes your hometown, where you went to school, your favorite travel destinations, where you met the love of your life and all the places that make up your unique story. 

You’ll realize that having one will always spark the thrill of traveling and provide excellent ideas for travel destinations you probably never knew about. 

Also, you don’t need to be a travel enthusiast to have one. It’s still a great way of breaking the monotony of a blank wall in your room. 

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 Floral Wall Art

Do you fancy having flowers adorning your house? Do you enjoy the scent of flowers every time you get a hold of them? Fill your house with floral decor that will keep radiating the beauty of flowers every time you see them. You can apply a variety of ideas from pictures, paintings, wall accents, and flower vases stationed across shelves or accent tables to make this dream come true. 

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Coming up with wall decor art that fits your taste may be a little difficult when trying it out for the first time. You may, therefore, need to drawing ideas from passionate designers who showcase their work online. The ideas above are just seven out of hundreds from which you can choose from.

Your desired wall art decor always comes down to what you really love or enjoy doing in your free time. The colors, texture, accessories, and hobbies are just a few of the many factors that influence the kind of decor you’d love for your house. 


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