Why You Should Hire A Professional To Clean Your High-Rise Windows

When considering Toronto high-rise window cleaning services, many people think that all of these services are basically the same. However, that is not necessarily the case. There are high-rise window cleaners, commercial building services, and residential window cleaners.

Within the window cleaning industry, there are companies that exclusively do residential work, and then there are businesses that focus on working on high-rise buildings and commercial window cleaning. In addition to this, there are numerous companies that have the necessary skills and equipment for working on any kind of building.

highrise window cleaners in Toronto
High Rise window cleaning Toronto

Compared to all of the other services that are available, high-rise window cleaning services truly stands out. It requires greater skills, specialized equipment, and much greater potential hazards. If you have high-rise windows that need to be cleaned in Toronto, then it is very important to hire real professional contractors who have the necessary equipment and skills to do the job right.

Necessary Window Cleaning Equipment

Having access to the proper equipment is one of the major reasons why professionals need to be hired to clean your high-rise building windows. To get the job done right, you will need more than just a couple of rags and a bottle of Windex.

High-rise window cleaners, of course, will use much of the same equipment that is used by other window washers. However, they also need to use special equipment to reach all of the high windows. Apart from items like a window mop, squeegee, window solution, and bucket, they will need a range of other supplies and equipment that most maintenance crews will not have.

Extension poles are one of the types of tools that window cleaners may need to work on a high-rise building. For the first few stories and ground floor, there are extensions available that you can attach to tools such as a mop and squeegee that enable them to get all of the windows on the lower stories clean. Those extensions can be somewhat tricky to use. However, professional window cleaners have the proper training and experience which allows them to use extensions without damaging the windows in the process.

Bosuns Chair

The bosun’s chair is another essential piece of equipment that is used in high-rise window cleaning. A bosun’s chair is a kind of suspension chair that enables workers to rappel down a building’s side to access windows that are on the higher floors that are above the ground level of the building. It is basically a platform that the worker sits in and has rigging as well that attaches to ropes anchored to the top of the building. A bosuns’ chair provides the worker with a comfortable and safe platform for working at great heights.

Along with a bosun’s chair, a range of other equipment will be needed by the window washer. There are a number of different safety components that a bonus chair will need in order to keep the cleaner in the chair and prevent falls from happening. A harness is needed for strapping the cleaner, and a roof rig is needed to descend down from. Other things that the window cleaner will need include rope, descenders, and karabiners. Special skill and training are required to use the equipment and ensure the rigging is safe.

Why hire professionals to clean your windows?

There are other reasons why professional window cleaners need to hired to clean your high-rise windows besides having access to the proper equipment. Potentially, you could purchase some of the equipment, however, you really need to think long and hard before you ask an untrained employee or maintenance professional to do this kind of work for you. As I said before, it takes a lot of training and time to get proficient and using this type of equipment properly and safely. Also, an untrained individual might not be comfortable working at great heights o a high-rise building.

A professional window washing service will have employees who have been trained on how to properly use the equipment and also undergone safety training to prevent disasters from occurring. If a person is not familiar with the appropriate safety protocols and equipment, then it is very risky to put them out on a high-rise building. Whenever people make mistakes with this kind of work, there is a very real risk of injury, and in some cases, even death.

In addition to safety, there are other benefits that come with hiring professional window cleaners. Better results will be achieved by a professional service. Experienced window washers will know how to get all windows as clean as possible, and provide your building’s windows with a streak-free and nice shine. Whether you have an office building or another kid of high-rise, it can make a huge difference to have clear and clean windows.

Along with your windows looking better, the job will get done faster by professional window cleaners as well. A majority of high-rise buildings have at least dozens of windows. With a team of experienced professionals working on the job, all of the windows can get washed and cleaned in a fraction of the amount of time that it would for an inexperienced, untrained person to complete the job.

What to search for when you are hiring professional high-rise window cleaners

If you searching for a professional window cleaning service to hire to clean your high-rise windows, there are several important things that you need to consider.

One of the most important considerations is to ensure that the service has insurance to ensure that they have coverage for any accidental damage that might occur as they are cleaning your windows. They also need to have insurance for covering any accidents or injuries that might arise while working on your building.

Another important point is the company’s experience. Ask the company representative how long they have been in the window washing business. Also, ask about the various buildings they have worked on and for references from some of their customers.

Another thing that you want to discuss with the service is what plans they have for your building. Will you be able to schedule window cleanings at the times that you need them? Will they create a plan that is suited specifically for your company’s needs?

Professional window cleaning is valuable for buildings of any size. However, it is critical to have a professional window cleaning service when you have a high-rise building. You not only want your windows to look good, but it is also necessary to have the proper equipment. There are also serious safety issues involved if you are considering having a non-profession, non-trained person work under those conditions.


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