6 Things to Know Before You Buy A Private Jet

The Covid 19 pandemic has ushered in a series of problems for people with varied interests.

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Say, for example, those with a penchant for traveling could not book flights as eagerly as they would have desired. With travel bans, safety regulations, and minimal contact rules, commercial airlines were required to reduce flight schedules due to their anticipatory impact on the health and economic infrastructure. However, it should not look like an issue with those in possession of the resources necessary to buy a private jet. It has indeed never seemed like a more appealing option – coupled with adequate emissions trading initiatives. 

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As a prospective aircraft owner, you should begin by determining the type of aircraft that best meets your requirements. Next, you must examine why you would want or desire a jet, your potential destinations, the number of interior seats you would like to have, the number of hours your aircraft will travel yearly, and the finances for the purchase and operation of the aircraft. You must also decide whether to purchase a new or used aircraft. There will be a range of things that shall require your attention, like jet fractional ownership, type of aircraft, security, and many others. Let’s look at each one of them before we proceed with the purchase of a private jet. 

Safety and Security

Because private planes are tiny and do not require conventional TSA safety protocols to board, there is a frequent misunderstanding that they are less secure than commercial flights. That couldn’t be farther from reality. Flying on a private jet ensures a reassuring degree of control over your surroundings, as it reduces passenger touch-points and limits contact with those at terminals. The planes are also outfitted with hospital-grade equipment and filters that clean and recycle air every few seconds. In addition, flying on a private jet may be better than flying commercially in some aspects because so many of the aircraft are modern and better maintained, and operators follow security and maintenance standards that often go far beyond what is required for commercial planes.

Process of Buying An Aircraft

Well, based on the aircraft, the purchase and sales procedure could take 2-3 months for a used aircraft and 3 to 12 months for a newly manufactured furnished aircraft configured and shipped according to your specifications. The approval process is pretty tedious and quite complicated. Interested purchasers should assemble a team of experts, including aviation attorneys, technical advisers, escrow agents, and so on. Regulatory laws, taxation, licensing, risk management, prospective financing, and aircraft administration and operation are among the issues to examine.

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Enhanced Travel Possibilities 

Private jets have far more travel possibilities than passenger airlines since they can fly into a higher number of airports. Private aircraft, like commercial planes, can fly into and out of any airport. Still, they also have access to fixed base operators, or FBOs, which are private jet facilities located at airports. FBOs, therefore, provide a multitude of choices and access to areas that commercial airlines may not be able to reach. As a result, private jets can always take you nearer to your desired destination! Furthermore, because private planes have so many more alternatives for a touchdown, they can frequently fly around thunderstorms that ground passenger airlines.

Operation and Structure 

Before actually signing the Aircraft Purchase Agreement, be sure you have a proper ownership system. To reduce your legal liability and for a host of different reasons, it is best to form a limited liability company that will acquire and own all the aircraft. At this stage, you should think about your fiscal domicile, the aircraft’s future base, flight destinations and frequency, aircraft registration, and so on. Aircraft operations are typically entrusted to expert operators or professional organizations. The operator is accountable for the entire mission, including safety, according to the regulations. Determining the right operator is critical since it will affect your overall flight experience, maintenance cost efficiency, and even the re-value of the aircraft. It might be possible to constrain the availability of aircraft funding.

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Flexibility and Convenience

When time is of the essence and flights must work around schedules, private air travel appears to transport its passengers into a crisper and happier realm. However, the cortisol-inducing lines, cancellations, and hours squandered at either end eat away at valuable work and personal time, which, when totaled, will astound any regular passenger. The fortunate few who have experienced the incredible pleasure of flying private have usually done so via charter, fractional ownership, or jet-card solutions (membership), which plants the seed for them to contemplate owning a private jet of their own. 

Check for Upgrades and Costs

To maintain the maximum possible value for your private jet, you must provide rigorous observation, excellent aircraft and engine maintenance services, regulatory modifications, adequate hangarage, and careful supervision of aircraft operation. In addition, budget is quite significant in picking the airplane that would best meet your demands. As nature dictates, we urge potential purchasers to stay within their budget. So when you need to make modifications, you will have to navigate ever so carefully. 

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Purchasing a jet is not the same as leasing a house, real estate, or any other form of property. You are about to approach a very specific, extremely sophisticated, and restricted environment. As a result, educating oneself and getting help is critical to make it a pleasurable experience rather than a frustrating and unsatisfactory one. 


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